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Latest Clinical Simulation News From Around the World | May 2022

Helping healthcare simulation educators, administrators, and learners to stay up-to-date on industry topics, finds and shares relevant news and information from around the world. This news includes medical simulation innovations, simulation center development, products, technology, vendor information, research, and more. Together, these industry updates help paint a picture of where the healthcare simulation industry is presently, and where the industry is headed as the scope of clinical simulation practice expands. Below are some of the world’s latest clinical simulation updates as of May 2022.

SimX Develops EMS Training Program Using Virtual Reality

SimX announced the launch of a virtual reality (VR) curriculum of essential EMS training scenarios designed to prepare front-line care professionals to provide critical care and avoid errors in emergency situations. In collaboration with experts in medical education and front-line care, the physician-led clinical team at SimX has developed a comprehensive curriculum for EMTs and paramedics through their VR software platform. The new EMS curriculum includes immersive VR training scenarios targeted to prepare new EMTs and advanced paramedics, as well as brand new VR scenarios for prehospital stroke care, advanced trauma life support, medication overdose, acute heart attack, and anaphylaxis.

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AdventHealth Palm Coast Highlights Actor Performances Across Simulated Medical Scenarios

Five classroom labs at the Regional Simulation Center at AdventHealth Palm Coast, which opened in early 2022, are providing realistic training for AdventHealth nurses of all skill levels, as well as nursing students from the University of North Florida and Jacksonville University. AdventHealth Regional Sim Center Manager Lee Wright told that “simulation learning specialists” are working with healthcare professionals to create realistic scenarios and “to make sure we are meeting their training objectives. The center is currently relying on actors to portray patients, including those meant to represent a domestic abuse victim “with a black eye and severe anxiety,” a schizophrenic patient threatening her nurse, a hospital patient with “nine out of 10” pain, and a mother “freaking out” that her child has stopped breathing.

VRpatients Releases Trauma-Enabled Platform

VRpatients, a virtual reality simulation training platform, successfully launched its most robust enhancements to date, adding dozens more options for instructors to train, assess and recertify first responders and practitioners in EMS, nursing, and the military. The new software update includes more than 2,800 new art assets, such as moulage that can be placed anywhere on the body with varying patterns and severity. Other examples include abdominal distension, otorrhea, and peripheral edema, along with a variety of stabbings, gunshot wounds, contusions, lacerations, burns, avulsions, and more. The enhancements also include 13 different skin conditions, including pale, jaundice, and diaphoresis. Enhanced dialogue system to include:

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  • Unsolicited Dialogue – Patients can be programmed to say things unprovoked, like “I hate needles” as the student establishes an IV.
  • Calls – Users can now call external resources & decide who is available for their student to call while on scene.
  • Commands – When the user gives the patient a directive or set of instructions, a programmed response is triggered, such as an animation.

Inovus Medical Announces Successful Completion of $7 Million Investment Round

Global surgical training technology company, Inovus Medical, announced the successful completion of a $7 million investment round. The round includes an investment of $6.2 million from Norgine Ventures, and follows the remarkably successful launch of the company’s high fidelity laparoscopic simulation platform, LapAR. The investment will be used to expand the company’s direct commercial presence in key international markets, strengthen Inovus Medical’s global customer support capacity and significantly increase the capacity of the company’s in-house development teams.

HealthStream, CraneMorley Develop Physician Simulation

HealthStream and CraneMorley along with Dr. Henry Lerner, Assistant Clinical Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, partnered to develop a physician simulation to treat low volume-high risk obstetrical events. The training combines physical performance with didactic instruction to “simulate the emergency on a regular basis and practice what to do and not to do with realistic consequences,” explained Lerner. This simulation will provide 4.9 million healthcare workers and over 70 percent of US health systems with access to mixed reality technology that could deliver an immersive learning opportunity to engage physicians and nurses. Under the guidance of Harvard’s Dr. Henry Lerner, one of the country’s leading OBGYN physicians, the HealthStream – CraneMorley Team is using Microsoft HoloLens technology to reinforce best-practice, high-stakes clinical decisions that will save lives.

iEXCEL Returns to In-Person Student Engagement

iEXCEL announced that the company has been very active in the community throughout the past month. Highlights include that SIM-NE mobile units visited SCOTUS High School in Columbus, Nebraska and that a UNMC High School Alliance prepped for cardiac exams using visualization technologies. Additionally, iEXCEL hosted 3D anatomy dissection activities at The Durham Museum for NESciFest. Another recent success, iEXCEL welcomed fourth year College of Medicine students for a Residency Prep Course. Dr. Abbey Fingeret and Dr. Jill Zabih led participants through activities involving a range of clinical skills while Dr. Olabisi Sheppard instructed on specialty surgical training.

SESAM Provides Annual Meeting 2022 Updates

The organization is finalizing all the details of the meeting as SESAM looks forward to bringing the community together again – face-to-face – in Seville, Spain. The goal for the healthcare simulation community is to be able to celebrate the research, and learning and to take the chance to network and forge new plans. Further, following a number of requests to extend group registration to allow multidisciplinary teams to learn together at SESAM 2022, the organization is pleased to bring back this offer. SESAM will also be hosting a networking reception at the conference venue which is free for all delegates to join to celebrate this chance to meet again face to face.

SimforHealth joins Groupe SFP Expansion

SimforHealth, a pioneering publisher of digital simulation for the training of health professionals, announced the company’s integration into the SFP Expansion Group, the leader French for health training which brings together the largest offer on the market. An ambitious merger between two innovative players and leaders in health training, this alliance between SimforHealth and Groupe SFP Expansion was born of shared ambitions: to provide health professionals with a complete, qualitative and innovative training offer, and to strengthen the leadership of the two entities nationally and internationally.

Curry College Nursing School Opens High-Tech Sim Lab

Curry College has opened its new School of Nursing Simulation Lab and Training Center in North Plymouth. The 1,700-square-foot skills lab is designed to support Milton-based Curry College’s accelerated pre-licensure baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs. The new space features a simulated health care facility with five simulation labs and a central nurses’ station; a private hospital room simulation lab with a control room; a debriefing room with capabilities to watch simulations play out in real-time; and four classrooms equipped with on- and off-site simulcast capabilities.

SIM4 Mental Health Event

An upcoming online mental health simulation-based education event, “SIM4 Mental Health” will be held on September 7 and October 5, 2022. The event has been designed in cooperation with service users and will be delivered by the S4MH team at CCCU as part of the HEE KSS Regional Simulation and Human Factors Project. The free event is ideal for professionals working in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. Early Bird fee until May 31, 2022: £75 for all other UK regions and £90 worldwide. All tickets booked after May 31 are £100.

Médisup Science Group Acquires Majority Stake in Take the Wind

The holding company of Médisup Sciences (“Médisup”), a leading French medical education company, announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Take The Wind S.A (TTW). This is a Portuguese specialist technology leader in the virtual medical simulation market, serving medical, nursing, community colleges and high schools, scientific societies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies globally. The company operates primarily under the Body Interact brand, which simulates real-world scenarios with virtual patients via 700+ clinical cases, dynamically integrating multiple internal and external drivers of patients’ health conditions. The product is available in eight languages and currently serves over 180,000 users in over 50 countries.

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