March 13, 2018By Lance Baily

Latest Must-Have Book: Healthcare Simulation Education – Evidence, Theory and Practice

Check out the latest Healthcare Simulation book, written by a leading team from the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH) and Simulation Australasia called Healthcare Simulation Education: Evidence, Theory and Practice! This new resource for a rapidly expanding professional healthcare simulation community. Designed as a core reference for educators who use simulation as an educational method, it outlines theory, evidence and research relevant to healthcare simulation. Containing examples of innovations from around the world, the book offers opportunities to make clear connections between the underlying rationale for the use of simulation, and what this looks like in practice. Get Healthcare Simulation Education: Evidence, Theory and Practice here or through the amazon link below!

About Healthcare Simulation Education

  • Helps readers gain a systematic understanding of theory and application of simulation
  • Facilitates access to high quality resources to support healthcare simulation education and research
  • Edited by a leading team from the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH), the leading body for healthcare simulation in Australia
  • Contains information on educational theory, the elements of simulation practice and contemporary issues in simulation

An important text in healthcare literature and practice, Healthcare Simulation Education provides a unique cross-disciplinary overview of an innovative subject area, and is ideal for medical, nursing and allied health educators, policy makers and researchers.

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One reader left the following review: “This book is unique in that it presents a global perspective on simulation in healthcare and education. Contributors from all seven continents share their knowledge and expertise to formulate a concise and valuable resource for faculty and educators alike. Of particular interest is the chapter on innovations and future forecasts… As a new book, readers will be quick to add this to their list of frequently referenced resources. It is well organized with concise and informative chapters that provide evidence-based practices and solutions to the challenges of implementing simulation in healthcare and education. Several black-and-white photos and graphs enhance comprehension of theory, practice and application. The book is unique and offers new insights into this ever-changing field.”

Get Healthcare Simulation Education: Evidence, Theory and Practice here!

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