June 13, 2022By Lance Baily

TacMed Elevates ‘Stop the Bleed’ Response with Medical Simulation and Treatment Solutions

In emergency medical situations, every minute counts. When the emergency is heavy bleeding, being prepared saves lives. May is National STOP THE BLEED month, highlighting the importance of knowing how to effectively stop serious bleeding. Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. is an ardent supporter of STOP THE BLEED Month and the American College of Surgeons (ACS) STOP THE BLEED program. Administered by the ACS Committee on Trauma (ACS COT), the program encourages learners to acquire the basic skills necessary to control bleeding from accidents and injuries.

TacMed’s diverse team, which includes former military and civilian medical professionals, engineers, law enforcement officers (LEO), world-class manufacturing experts, and artisans, has been helping LEO, EMS, DoD, hospital, and everyday customers, worldwide, prepare for serious medical emergencies for years. In 2019, TacMed acquired Trauma Fx, Inc. adding high-fidelity, field-tested trauma simulators designed by Star Wars special effects engineers to its product line.

Practice makes perfect and stopping bleeding is no different. TacMed’s STOP THE BLEED hemorrhage control partial task trainers, the hemorrhage control skills trainer, and packable wound trainer, help learners master basic bleeding control skills using lower-fidelity simulation. Learners advance to high fidelity upper and lower human torso simulators that can be used alone or combined to create whole body simulators. This combination option gives educators the flexibility to simulate a wide range of casualties and wound patterns such as bleeding gunshot wounds, traumatic amputations, and wounds that require packing to stop bleeding.

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The physiology and sensors in TacMed trauma simulators create the ability to objectively measure STOP THE BLEED skills performance and predict survival. For example, a properly applied tourniquet requires 250mm Hg pressure to stop bleeding on the leg. The simulator controller shows exactly how long the procedure took, how much blood was lost, and if not treated in time, the simulator “dies.”

TacMed’s most advanced simulator is the Clinical Response Whole Body System (CR-WBS). Equipped with STOP THE BLEED features, Clinical Response systems add additional features designed to test trauma management skills from initial response to the trauma bay. CR-WBS supports basic and advanced airways, cricothyrotomy, BVM ventilation, chest needle decompression, chest tube insertion, ultrasound-guided subclavian central line placement, IV/IO Placement, CPR, BLS and ACLS algorithms, and urethral catheterization.

It is designed to support prolonged care training and emergency room management. CR-WBS is constructed from highly durable materials and specially formulated life-like silicone skin and excels in the US Military’s most challenging training environments. It operates well in both traditional clinical settings and rugged, outdoor scenarios. Trainers receive instant feedback on student intervention performance via the easy-to-use remote control.

Bleeding management simulation improves performance but having the right STOP THE BLEED equipment can make the difference between first-time success and failure. TacMed’s signature SOF-T Tourniquet features an easy velcro-less clip application and a metal windless and windless lock to increase the chances of stopping bleeding. The OLAES Hemostatic Bandage is a HemCon ChitoGauze Pro packing material paired with a sterile dressing and an elastic wrap designed to prevent inadvertent unraveling. HemCon Chitogauze has a special chemical that helps stop bleeding by promoting clotting. With the OLAES, a first responder can pack, wrap and cover a wound with the same device. The OLAES also has a pressure cup that places pressure on the wound.

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TacMed’s Tramedic Kits, designed to put life-saving treatment in anyone’s hands, have changed the way the world plans for emergencies and mass casualty situations. With SOF-T TQs, OLAES Dressings, and detailed easy-to-follow instructions placed in public access locations or even in a person’s home or vehicle, everyone can be ready to stop bleeding. The compact kit has a well-laid-out interior that allows easy access to the components inside. It can be easily stored in places such as a classroom cabinet, desk drawer, or backpack.

A Bleeding Control Kit purchase opens access to the Tramedic Training Portal where videos, designed to be viewed by users of all ages, including school-age children, show the user how to use Tramedic tools to save lives. The Tramedic Bleeding Control Kit’s instructions help responders prioritize which injuries to treat first with the appropriate components. The Tramedic Training Portal could be the ideal solution for a training manager, such as a school resource officer or nurse, who needs an authoritative video-based training platform for personnel and staff capable of tracking learner progress. Pairing TacMed simulators and Tramedic tools, STOP THE BLEED educators can maximize learning and create a sustainable bleeding response.

Tactical Medical Solutions has a long history of supporting the people who save lives at the point of need. TacMed is proud to support STOP THE BLEED programs with unmatched simulators and bleeding control products giving educators the right training tools so learners have confidence in their ability to respond to emergencies.

Philadelphia School District Nurses – TacMed Community Engagement

In August 2019, every district school nurse participated in a Stop the Bleed training event at Lincoln Financial Field hosted by Tactical Medical Solutions, Temple Health, the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Emergency Management, and the Philadelphia Fire Department. During the hands-on training, nurses learned how to properly apply SOF Tourniquets and OLAES Modular Bandages on one another and to several simulators from TraumaFX Solutions.

The School District of Philadelphia will be implementing custom-packed Tramedic Cabinet Kits throughout their schools and facilities. The Tramedic Cabinet Kit, designed for use in well-populated areas, contains the necessary medical equipment and instructions for a variety of injuries seen on school grounds, including tourniquets and bandages. Overall, the training provided school nurses with an understanding of when and how to use the components found inside their Tramedic Cabinet Kits.

More About TacMed

Tactical Medical Solutions (TacMed) is a global leading developer and manufacturer of pre-hospital
medical gear for the tactical and civilian world. The company was founded in 2003 by a Special Forces
medic who created the SOF Tourniquet. This tourniquet is now one of only two windlass tourniquets
approved for use by the Department of Defense, approved for use by the Committee on Tactical Combat
Casualty Care, and is the tourniquet of choice for the American Red Cross.

The company’s product line has expanded greatly and is constantly evolving. TacMed currently has over
2,000 products available and a presence in 70 countries around the world. Here at home, the company
serves 7 of the top 10 police departments, including the NYPD and LAPD, as well as major fire and EMS
agencies with its medical supply, body armor, and simulation systems. The company also services civilian
audiences such as all municipal buildings in the city of Dallas, NFL stadiums, Marriott hotels, churches,
and public and private schools across the country through Tramedic, TacMed’s line of trauma kits
developed for the everyday citizen.

Learn More About TacMed’s CRU-WBS

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