IMSH 2024 Day 2: Healthcare Simulation Conference Coverage

The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is the world’s largest conference dedicated to healthcare simulation learning, research, and scholarship, offering 250+ sessions in various formats, from large plenary sessions to small, interactive immersive courses. This healthcare simulation conference is considered to be an educational and networking event for the clinical simulation world. For this reason, many medical simulation vendors choose to have major company announcements coincide with the event. The event will take place this year from January 20 to January 24, 2024, in San Diego, California. This article shares updates and highlights from the clinical simulation conference #IMSH2024 on Sunday, January 20, 2024.

Now in the conference’s 24th year, the in-person event, along with a virtual IMSH Delivers, will offer hundreds of industry-leading presentations, cementing the event’s place as the world’s premier healthcare simulation education learning event. In recognition of the many milestones the healthcare simulation industry has achieved, the #IMSH2024 Planning Team chose the content theme, IDEA: Innovate. Disseminate. Educate. Advocate.

Each plenary speaker was chosen to represent one aspect of IDEA. Even though these will not occur in the IDEA order, each plenary session will challenge the attendees to consider how to incorporate each aspect of IDEA in their simulation practice. The plenary speakers will touch on multiple aspects of the theme: IDEA.

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Yesterday’s SSH President Jayne Smitten, PhD, MeD, CHSE-A, FSSH

Dr. Jayne Smitten provided IMSH 2024 with her presidential address to reflect on SSH over 2023 during her presidency. She talked about the growth of simulation. She encouraged participants to reflect, embrace their simulation pathway, and create IDEAs – Innovate, Disseminate, Educate, and Advocate. She discussed three main focus areas of SSH contributions:

  • Strategic Plan Financial Budget and SSH Fund Development
  • Global Consensus Statement between SESAM and SSH to work towards articulating and advocating for the global perspective of our future in healthcare simulation-based practices worldwide.
  • Enduring SSH Global Collaborative Role

Other areas discussed were the SHAPES Initiative in Fall 2023 and the SSH Strategic Planning Process. The Strategic Priorities of SSH are Advocacy, Research and Innovation, Education and Learning, Credentialing, and Sustainability and Growth.

Sunday evening and HTC hosted a social gathering to discuss the HTC, AI, XR, and AR roles in healthcare simulation. Lance Baily moderated a panel of experts:

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  • Dan O’Brien (HTC)
  • Kurt Kratchman (Virti)
  • Dr. Ryan Ribeiro (SimX)
  • Dr. Nicole Brown (Cleveland Clinic)

HTC Vive has a blue triangle brand. The blue triangle represents technology, innovation, and humanity. The question posed was how can HTC solve stakeholders’ problems. The panel focused on how HTC can become a better partner with healthcare to address human performance, affordability, scalability, patient safety and quality improvement, equipment, and space.

Another concept discussed was how people learn, especially with in-person and virtual learning. The focus was on partnering for better end-user experiences. A gap was identified for a need to make big changes in industry data security and biometrics. With the data and biometrics collected, security and privacy become a larger concern. Analytics were discussed and the growth of AI. This includes multiple languages and performance evaluation data.

The last concept discussed was the future and vision of AI, VR, and XR over the next 3-5 years. The panelists identified:

  • For all the processes to come together with more information being moved to the cloud and better process. The need for more 5G processing and animation
  • Passthrough technology
  • Advancing eye tracking and biometrics
  • Actually delivering cloud-based content over the air to many headsets that are smaller and lighter.
  • One headset to deliver VR, XR, AR, and mixed reality to multiple headsets wirelessly
  • IPE with AR and VR will outpace current practices to develop and deliver true, better IPE so that healthcare teams can learn and practice together to provide standardized care for patients.

Daily Conference Updates

Refresh this page for more IMSH 2024 conference coverage. This article will be updated periodically as the event unfolds.

Surgical Science Simulators to Improve Proficiency and Performance Meet us at IMSH in San Diego January 21-23 and explore our wide variety of VR medical simulators. Are you attending IMSH to explore what the medical simulator industry has to offer? Stop by our booth #422 where you can try our wide selection of new and existing simulators, spanning over all major specialties. Our VR medical simulators all come with relevant curricula, a learning management system and objective feedback to shorten the learning curve and make your trainees ready for the real world. Surgical Science is a leading provider of medical simulation training and software solutions. Together with healthcare partners and customers worldwide, we enhance patient safety and healthcare outcomes using evidence-based customized simulation to improve clinical proficiency and performance.

Inovus Medical , a leading innovator in surgical training technologies, proudly announces the launch of the second generation HystAR Pro and LapAR Pro simulators, showcasing the latest advancements in surgical simulation. These cutting-edge simulators were officially unveiled at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) Global Healthcare Simulation Congress in San Diego. Since the successful debut of the HystAR Pro and LapAR Pro simulators in 2020, Inovus Medical has been at the forefront of revolutionizing surgical training through hybrid technologies. The second generation simulators represent a significant leap forward in technology, with enhanced features designed to provide an unparalleled simulation experience for healthcare professionals. The HystAR Pro and LapAR Pro simulators boast notable enhancements in three key areas: extensibility, ergonomics, and serviceability.

Presidential Citations: Jayne Smitten, President IMSH, awarded Presidential Citations to Simulation Experts during Day 2 of IMSH: Benjamin Berg, MD, CHSE, FSSH; Haru Okuda, MD, FACEP, FSSH; and Mark Scerbo, PhD, FSSH, FHFES.

Plenary Speaker – Kindra Hall: Lou Oberndorf will introduce The Lou Oberndorf Lecture on Innovation and Healthcare Simulation plenary speaker was Kindra Hall. Kindra was selected to give IMSH 2024 participants IDEAs about Innovate. Kindra is a best-selling author and former Chief Storytelling Officer. Her work teaches individuals and brands how to harness and leverage the power of their stories.

Combining Manikin and VR Simulation Technologies to Improve Clinical Outcomes : Discover how to overcome traditional trauma training challenges with a new immersive mixed-reality simulator. By combining manikins and VR, you can provide your trainees with an unprecedented opportunity to practice hands-on skills and cognitive knowledge, all within a single platform.

Join Wallcur for an immersive learning experience at the IMSH Learning Lab, Room 11A, Tuesday January 24th, 10AM: In the first 30 minutes, the presenter will delve into the crucial topic of the value of Simulated Medications over expired meds. Discover the advantages and safety considerations associated with simulated meds, reshaping traditional perspectives on medical training. Following this insightful discussion, the presenter will transition into a hands-on session featuring a mock code scenario using Atlas, the ALS Simulator and the iSimulate Reality Kit. This interactive segment will showcase the seamless integration of our practi-meds, demonstrating how these innovative tools collectively enhance medical training.

Blind Spots In Debriefing: Implicit Bias And What To Do About it : I am looking forward to facilitating our hands on workshop with fellow simulationist Michael Meguerdichian, Matt Charnetski, Adam Cheung, Kimberly Campbell-Taylor, Vincent Grant, & Dana Trotter at IMSH on cognitive bias in debriefing.

Gaumard Showcases Latest MR Simulator Technology at IMSH 2024 : Visit the Gaumard booth #410 to see Gaumard’s newest simulators and get a live demonstration of our revolutionary HAL® S5301 and the new SUSIE® S2400. Their product specialists will be available at our booth to answer questions and provide consultation on enhancing your simulation program. They also invite you to their in-person events and learning labs for insights on simulation strategies and technology.

NEW at IMSH 2024: SSH Main Stage Presentations

The SSH Main Stage Presentations was initiated at IMSH 2024. The inaugural SSH Main Stage Presentation will be delivered by Hege Langli Ersdal, MD, PhD on her work with Simulations Save Lives! Major Reduction in Maternal and Newborn Deaths After Implementation of Safer Births Training. This session will be live-streamed.

More About IMSH Delivers

IMSH Delivers 2024 consists of educational content live-streamed from the in-person event and prerecorded sessions. Livestreamed content will be recorded and included in the IMSH Delivers 2024 Collection. Virtual attendees have access to earn a total of 30 IPCE credit hours. Additional courses from the IMSH Delivers 2024 Collection will be available for an additional $25 per IPCE unit. The IMSH Delivers 2024 Collection will be comprised of:

  • Livestream of 4 Plenary Sessions
  • Livestream of eight (8) sessions from the in-person meeting. One course from each general session time block will be live-streamed to the virtual audience
  • 12 recorded educational courses
  • 40 Pre-recorded Oral Research Abstract Presentations
  • 2 recorded Learning Lab presentations

More About IMSH

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is a scientific conference that explores the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare simulation. IMSH provides the tools and resources healthcare professionals need to advance their skills, impact change in delivery systems and practice, and, ultimately, improve patient safety. For live updates follow #IMSH2024.

Plan ahead for IMSH 2025: IMSH will be held from January 10 to January 14, 2025 in Orlando, Florida.

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