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IMSH 2024 Day 3: A Flood of Healthcare Simulation Conference Coverage!

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), the world’s largest conference dedicated to healthcare simulation learning, research, and scholarship, hosted day 3 of their annual conference to a tidal wave of success! With the most number of attendees and vendors ever, colleagues from around the world gathered in San Diego to champion the continued expansion of clinical simulation. Even though the rain tried to stop us, here are the continued highlights from the HealthySimulation.com team covering the event. (Photo thanks to Balazs Moldovanyi and Nicholas Stoick at the PCS Booth, the most fun exhibitor space at #IMSH2024)!

Daily Conference Updates

Refresh this page for more IMSH 2024 conference coverage. This HealthySimulation.com article will be updated periodically as the event unfolds.

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Opening Tuesday’s Plenary Session, the IMSH planning chairs shared the day’s content theme: Innovate. Many of the latest healthcare simulation technology products will be on display throughout the day in the exhibit hall (from 9:30 AM to 2 PM).‌

Presidential Citations

Jayne Smitten, President IMSH, awarded Presidential Citations to Simulation Experts during Day 2 of IMSH:

  • Ismail Mohd Saiboon, MBBS
  • Dr. Ortho & Trauma, EMerg Med (NSR), CHSE, FAMM
  • Russell D. Metcalfe-Smith, MSc, NRP, CHSE-A, CHSOS-A, FSSH.

Research Awards

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  • Research Abstract Award Winner:Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice Improves Anesthesiology Resident Performance Outcomes while Managing Intraoperative Desaturation Better than Conventional Simulation-based Training Alone – Schiavi and Miller
  • Research Abstract Runner-Up: Using Simulation to Compare Standard Labeling Practice and Medlite Device in Administration of Intravenous Pharmacological Agents – Clive, Saunders, and Gonzales
  • Research Abstract Student Award: Evaluating Workload Indicators for Stress Response Exposure when Practicing Endotracheal Intubation – Cavuoto, Hackett, and Norfleet

2024 Early Career Research Award TBA:

SimVentors Showcase Awards TBA:

  • Best Approach:
  • Best Innovation:
  • Best Impact:
  • People’s Choice Award:

Plenary Speaker

Each plenary speaker was chosen to represent one aspect of IDEA. Even though these will not occur in the IDEA order, each plenary session will challenge the attendees to consider how to incorporate each aspect of IDEA in their simulation practice. The plenary speakers will touch on multiple aspects of the theme: IDEA.

Duncan Wardel will deliver the Michael S. Gordon Center Lecture on Medical Education plenary presentation. Duncan Wardle. Duncan was selected to give IMSH 2024 participants IDEAs about innovation. Duncan worked for Disney and was the Head of Innovation and Creativity. He will focus on how to ignite a culture of innovation and creativity in your and your institution using Design Thinking. This will be an interactive session. Duncan has requested all participants have paper and pen to use during the session.

2024 Pioneer in Simulation Award to Dr. Jeff Cooper: Dr. Jeff Cooper is Chemical engineer and an icon in Patient Safety based on his research known as the “Critical Incidence” study. Dr. Cooper challenged us to focus on the prevention of adverse effects to improve patient safety and move the needle further. He reminded all to do good and have fun.

Lou Oberndorf Lecture on Innovation in Healthcare Simulation – Plenary Speaker: Kindra was selected to give IMSH 2024 participants IDEAs about Innovate. Kindra is a best-selling author and former Chief Storytelling Officer. Her work teaches individuals and brands how to harness and leverage the power of their stories. Kindra introduced us to Strategic Storytelling. The best stories happen when the teller provides an excellent application of information to real life situations. THe teller needs to fill in the gaps with personal stories. The value comes from the emotions and energy of the person telling the story for added value. The storyteller is in charge of the energy in the room when advocating, especially when storytelling. This allows all the people present to co-create with each others and come up with the images of the story. The major mistake occurs when the storyteller elude to the story but never does tell the story.

CAE Healthcare and SimHawk Form Strategic Alliance to Enhance Training Efficiencies with Multimodal Simulation in Ultrasound: CAE Healthcare, a global leader in healthcare simulation solutions now known as Elevate Healthcare, recently announced their partnership with SimHawk to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ultrasound education. This collaboration will optimize and streamline ultrasound learning by pairing SimHawk’s didactic and motion-based applied learning and CAE Healthcare’s manikin-based simulation offered through the CAE Vimedix product line.

“We continue to identify best-of-breed organizations to partner with in delivering multimodal simulation solutions that encompass physical, digital, virtual and immersive products, so we are delighted to add SimHawk to our portfolio of offerings for ultrasound training and education,” said Jeff Evans, President, CAE Healthcare (Elevate Healthcare). “By partnering with SimHawk, we are augmenting our established Vimedix platform that makes training and education more accessible and efficient, and we are enhancing our role as a leader in ultrasound simulation.”

Healthcare educator staffing shortages continue to grow while demand for learning surges. By extending CAE Healthcare’s current ultrasound training infrastructure with SimHawk’s complementary technologies, healthcare institutions can drive learning efficacy and bring more capacity for improved care. The combined product offerings will extend learning across simulation modalities and enable comprehensive analysis and actionable insights. This partnership easily integrates into existing curricula by balancing the needs of students for self-directed practice and competency evaluation and the growing demand for ultrasound training.

Curious about how to optimize patient safety at your institution with a Simulation-based Clinical Systems Tests? : Join these presenters for the ‘Sim Test Workshop’ at IMSH 2024, a deep dive into SIMTests creation and implementation. The session, presented by our IDS team, including Dr. Jennifer L Arnold, Brianna O’Connell, Myrna Chan-MacRae, Sarah Henderson, MHA, CPHQ, Gabriel Arato, Kyle Martin, MPH, and Catherine Allan, will equip you with a comprehensive Toolbox – from Project Management Guides to SIMTest Checklists.

Experience the Latest Cardionics SAM4 at IMHS 2024! The most-awaited IMSH is back! We are thrilled to connect with the medical simulation industry at the latest edition of IMSH in the vibrant city of San Diego, CA. What adds to our enthusiasm this year is the opportunity to share something exciting with you. We invite you to visit us at booth #223 and be the first to experience SAM4, our latest breakthrough in auscultation training. Join us at IMSH from January 20th to 24th – discover SAM4’s innovative features, and get exclusive insights and demonstrations from our team. See you there!

NEW at IMSH 2024: SSH Main Stage Presentations

The Tuesday SSH Main Stage Presentation will be delivered by Suzan (Suzie) Kardong-Edgren PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE, FSSH, FAAN. Her presentation will be on Dissemination In The 21st Century: Opportunities and Pitfalls.

‌More About IMSH Delivers

IMSH Delivers 2024 consists of educational content live-streamed from the in-person event and pre-recorded sessions. Livestreamed content will be recorded and included in the IMSH Delivers 2024 Collection. Virtual attendees have access to earn a total of 30 IPCE credit hours. Additional courses from the IMSH Delivers 2024 Collection will be available for an additional $25 per IPCE unit. The IMSH Delivers 2024 Collection will be comprised of:

  • Livestream of 4 Plenary Sessions
  • Livestream of eight (8) sessions from the in-person meeting. One course from each general session time block will be live-streamed to the virtual audience
  • 12 recorded educational courses
  • 40 Pre-recorded Oral Research Abstract Presentations
  • 2 recorded Learning Lab presentations

More About IMSH

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is a scientific conference that explores the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare simulation. IMSH provides the tools and resources healthcare professionals need to advance their skills, impact change in delivery systems and practice, and, ultimately, improve patient safety. For live updates follow #IMSH2024.

SimVentors Showcase Awards:

  • Best Approach: Towards Precision Medical Education: Developing a Neuroimaging System to Study Expertise Development in Performance of Medical Procedures by the Cognicap Team
  • Best Innovation: Massive Upper GI Variceal Bleeding Trainer by Michael Franklin
  • Best Impact: A whole Procedural Simulator for Central Venous Catheterization by Scarlett Miller, Jason Moore, and collaborators 
  • People Choice Award: Novel Academic Tabletop 2022 by Adam Heilman

Duncan Wardle was the Michael S. Gordon Center Lecture on Medical Education. Duncan brought his unique perspective on unleashing your inner innovation. As a previous Disney Head of Innoation and Creativity, Duncan had drawn a characterization of his entire speech. He explained that we are all creative and innovative. However, life and work has taught us to lose our outside the lines thinking and conform. Through interactive exercises, the audience engaged in how to promote ideas and creativity or crush them. Duncan challenged to find our specific time that we solve our problems whether on awakening, in the shower, listening to music, etc. The goal is to open the door from our conscious thinking (13%) to the unconscious thinking (87%). Our issue is the “River of Thinking”. If we know the answer immediately then we are in the river. However, if we can get outside the river, our decisions can open our unconscious thinking. There are more neurons in our gut than our brains. That is why the saying is. “Go with your gut instinct.” Duncan’s presentation was very engaging and challenged us to get in touch with our inner child and be creative. 

Hands On Workshop by Kim Leighton, PhD, CHSE-A, CHOS, ANEF, FSSH, FAAN, and Nikki Blodgett, PhD, RN, CHSE presented on “What Evaluation Tool Should I Use?! Considerations for Choosing Evaluation Tools for Simulation-Based Education. This presentation was full with nearly 100 participants. Kim and Nikki provided over view of the tools available and explained that the tool must be evaluating what the tool was designed to measure and in a population with the psychometric testing. This is the same for the validity and reliability testing. Validity is the right tool to measure the right way. Reliability is the same results over and over again. See the Evaluating Healthcare Simulation Tools for more details on validity and reliability along with the information for each of the evaluation tools. Participants were given scenarios and asked to identify the right tool to evaluate. Participants were allowed to collaborate and discuss their seletion. 

SSH Fellows Main Stage Presentation by Suzie Kardong Edgren, PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE, FSSH, FAAN, was delivered on Dissemination in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Pitfalls. Suzie provided resources and real-life application of successful strategies and pitfalls to avoid. She discussed and provided visual guidance on how to identify predatory journals and conferences. Suzie discussed the importance of using infographics with a journal abstract to show the readers and draw them in to read the article. Social media posts and strategies were discussed to increase the author’s reach. Altmetrics and PlumX were discussed as tools that can help measure the author’s reach and impact. Suzie reminded the audience, “It is not who you know, but who knows you.” The importance to keep your personal and professional life posts separate. The audience response showed that LinkedIn was their preferred posting for professional work.

Plan ahead: IMSH 2025: IMSH will be held from January 10 to January 14, 2025 in Orlando, Florida.

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