January 26, 2024By Lance Baily

Exclusive Interview with SSH Past-President Dr. Jayne Smitten

At this week’s International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, Society for Simulation’s Immediate Past-President Jayne Smitten, PhD, MEd, RN, CHSE-A, FSSH from Hawai’i Pacific University College of Health & Society sat down with HealthySimulation.com’s Founder/CEO Lance Baily to share more about the 2024 event and the strategic goals for the non-profit organization. HealthySimulation.com also showcases even more exclusively exhibitor booth video demonstrations from UPMC’s WISER, Avkin, TacMed Solutions, UbiSim, PCS, and SimVS. Stay tuned for even more videos coming out soon!

Interview AI Transcription:

HealthySimulation.com Founder/CEO Lance Baily:  This is Lance with Healthysimulation.com. We’re continuing our coverage of IMSH 2024 in San Diego, and I’m sitting next to Jayne Smitten. Who is the current president of the society for simulation and Healthcare. I’m getting excited to learn more about her thoughts and feelings for this year and all the exciting developments with the organization and the event. By the way, how are you?

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Society for Simulation in Healthcare Past-President Dr. Jayne Smitten: I’m good. Thank you kind of losing my voice. I think I’ve been talking a lot! But I appreciate this opportunity to speak with you about the conference. And it’s just been mind-blowing because of the record-breaking attendance and the exhibits and just the breadth and depth of everything that’s going on for us in the society.

Lance: And so, my first question to you is today, you know, we’re on the tail end of IMS age. 2024 there’s been a lot of exciting developments, but you know, tell us what you’ve seen that’s been exciting overall for the conference, you know, the various programs and activities that you’ve seen that have been really exciting for you.

Dr. Smitten: Well, one of the areas, I’m particularly excited about. I just came from the shapes meeting and it is the regional grouping of thought leaders from all different areas of South, the Asia Pacific, including New Zealand Australia, Taiwan Tokyo Malaysia. We even had someone come in from Pakistan. So it was pretty exciting when you get all these groups of people together and talking about where we’re going and what we’re doing and how we can help each other help one another and launch. Also, the idea that further to what we met in Honolulu in regards to shapes. And also having the springboard of the Strategic planning pillars. As you know this areas that we could think and talk about as a perspective of the Regions as well sure. Yeah.

Lance: Absolutely. What other programs has SSH launched or really expanded upon or excited in the success that they’ve seen over the past year that they kind of were able to report about here at the the annual event

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Dr. Smitten: Well naturally, we’re really excited about the SSH development Fund. And we’ve got a new development director, Jeff Hale who’s been very busy, getting that underway further and he’s only been in the role for three months, but it’s been amazing. How we’re moving forward and doing what we do in in getting, you know, reaching or reaching out towards our objective. So that’s been fabulous. The other part of it is the whole effort towards the global consensus statement, and that is going to be something we’re working very closely with SESAM as a partnership.

But it’s going to be involving all the different societies because everybody’s input is important for something. That’s so important for simulation-based practice. So I I’m really excited about that. We have three very incredible people heading it from both SESAM and both the SSH. And in our case for SSH is Bob Armstrong and Matt Chernetsky who’s part of our board and Sabrina Koh from Malaysia doing, you know, kind of the the international aspect too. And it’s, it’s just taking off. We’ve had incredible input from various countries and various members and cons. And it’s going to be continuing. We’ve got a real timeline Milestone things that are happening right now related to that awesome.

Lance: Sounds like another great program. That’s starting here with IMSH 2024. You’ve had a chance to walk around the exhibit show room floor tell us about some of the cool Technologies or things that have been a wow factor for you for the latest and greatest in terms of the space.

Dr. Smitten: Well, we were really excited about all the new and latest technologies that our vendors have, you know, certainly come forward and shown their absolute best here. Because even people who are first time, this is the other exciting part first, time, mentees and mentors, and people that are excited about coming to, this conference has really been thrilled at the everything from the VR and AR and audio, you know, anything to do with the the latest in Technologies. And we’ve actually got the Technology Forum.

That’s been an area that’s going to be launched and continuing to, to work on different groups, working groups related to AI. The haptics and VR, XR, you know, all these kinds of areas it’s divided up into groups. I don’t know if you were able to get to that session, but it was very worthwhile and you can see the excitement there and it all relates back to all the things that are happening in our industry and the exhibitors. Our exhibit hall has certainly been listening to, you know, the people that are actually doing the simulation practice. And what do we need? And what do we need to tweak? And how can we make this effective to ensure that we’re getting better? Patient outcomes,

Lance: Absolutely. Well, that’s fantastic. I’ve seen some really neat technologies here for the first time at the show. So, great to know that you join me there and kind of feeling that this has been a very Innovative year for us. So just tell me what is the Strategic plan for SSH? Now as we enter a post covid phase and we’ve come out of that kind of depressed time in everyone’s lives and looking to the future. What do we see for the society in the next three to five years?

Dr. Smitten: Well, our five-year plan has been worked on it originated last fall 2022, and the consultants and we’ve been working on it as a board and having open forums and input to finally, come up with the five, strategic pillars basically on the big one is advocacy, which is threaded throughout a lot of the other pillars, but it’s advocacy, research and Innovation. Teaching and learning credentialing. And then finally, you know, we’re looking at our future sustainability and growth. So all of these are key elements that are going to be factors that we’re going to be addressing with strategic objectives and prioritization of the objectives and then moving forward for our society. Awesome.

Dr. Smitten: Fantastic. I know you spoke about the global consensus. So just last, you know, to flush that out completely, we’re just curious, you know, that’s tied to advocacy work and kind of being able to kind of help to standardize the language. Of what we see as the potential for simulation. What is the end goal with regards to that group in terms of that document once it gets fully developed by all of the? The initial cohort between sezm and the society as well as those extended partners that you spoke of what is the end goal of that? And how does that help to support advocacy work? That the organization is seeing is so important in it as a part of that strategic plan.

Lance: Well, the consensus statement is certainly going to be helpful in in, especially for leaders and, and industry and government and knowing exactly where we’re coming from from a global community of practice and simulation based, Learning and teaching and learning. And so that that will be very helpful because it’s also looking towards what we need to do to make a difference in regards to patient care, patient safety, patient care outcomes and so health, educator’s health, educational institutions. All these were going to be very helped by a global consensus statement. I totally agree.

I think it’s a great way to start the standardization of language so that we can all be saying the same thing when we talk about this type of technology and methodology, and the improve Improvement opportunities that it provides finally. I’m just curious, you know, where are we going to be for IMSH 2025? Where are we headed next year? And who do you think would be, the best fit? Who are the the people that should start to think about already putting, the IMSH 2025 January, dates on their calendar to save. Who should be joining us next year?

Dr. Smitten: We’re going to be going returning back to Orlando beginning of January. So it’s a different time frame and it’s not as later on in the month which is going to be a little bit of an adjustment especially for academics. But it’s certainly going to be involving and hopefully all these new people that come here are also going to be getting involved and looking at our our sections and our sigs and Affinity groups and getting more involved and putting it on their calendar. Now so that they can come back and return to seeing other extended improvement. I mean, we’re gonna we’re a complete Revolution. Things are happening here in the world of simulation. So we’re looking forward to seeing other kinds of changes and improvements. And creation of all kinds of technologies in the future.

Lance:  We really appreciate your time today for sharing with us more of your insights and so excited about your presidency and all the things that you’re going to be able to help these committees and teams to bring about for IMSH 2025, and into the future. So thank you so much for your time. Thank you!

Dr. Smitten: Lance. I appreciate this opportunity to talk with you about all these exciting opportunities, too. Fantastic

Lance: Folks can learn more at the SSH website.

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