December 4, 2017By Roxanne Blanford

CAE Juno Uses Simulation to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Nurses

CAE recently suggested the new Juno QuickStart is the perfect nursing manikin bundle to satisfy clinical training and critical thinking skills requirements, especially in Nursing. There’s no need to wait to piece together everything needed as CAE Juno QuickStart is available right now.

For more than fifty years, critical thinking has been deemed an essential discipline within the nursing profession. Critical thinkers tend to possess certain attributes that engender effective communication and problem-solving abilities. In nursing, simulation training aids in the development of critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills. At the same time, simulation training promotes effective communication, encourages teamwork, and enables clinicians to better analyze healthcare situations by integrating knowledge, experiences and logical reasoning with crucial behaviors that benefit patient care.

Juno, a modern nursing skills development manikin, gives learners the opportunity to practice nursing care protocols in a risk-free environment while gaining critical thinking attributes that enhance clinical competency. Using a clinical skills manikin within patient simulation scenarios creates a bridge that joins theory with practice. Learners develop understanding, critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills. Knowledge and skills attained from the classroom, or sim lab, are readily applied in actual patient care scenarios.

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CAE Juno QuickStart: The Perfect Training Bundle – What’s included

  • CAE Juno Complete manikin (medium skin tone, IV arm, NIBP arm, hand-held tablet, full gender conversion kit, and all electronics required for manikin operation)
  • 10 evidence-based Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) housed within the intuitive CAE Maestro software
  • Basic wound care module (thigh wound, thigh sutured incision, ventrogluteal decubitus ulcer, dorsogluteal ulcer)
  • TouchPro patient monitor
  • Two additional years of the CAE Healthcare Premier Assurance Plan (Total of 3 full years of coverage to include free software updates and service and/or replacement of parts under warranty.!)
  • Free shipping

Since METI was acquired by CAE, the company has begun to design and launch new healthcare simulator manikins, taking advantage of their robust engineering and software team knowledge from CAE’s aviation divisions — which is a powerful base to work from! Do you have a Juno yet? would love to hear more from you!

Today’s article was guest authored by Roxanne Blanford, CAE Healthcare Blogger at CAE Healthcare.

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