December 18, 2023By Teresa Gore

Leading Clinical Simulation Products from Nasco Healthcare

From in-hospital care to casualty and rescue/extrication scenarios, Nasco Healthcare offers healthcare solutions to prepare frontline healthcare workers to Be READY to deliver the care required to improve patient outcomes and save lives. Nasco Healthcare’s deep breadth of upgradeable products, from low to high fidelity, means you can find the right training solution for your current and future needs. This article reviews Nasco Healthcare’s top clinical simulation products to prepare healthcare providers to “Be Ready”.

Leading Nasco Healthcare Clinical Simulation Products

Casualty Care Rescue Randy : Casualty Care Rescue Randy, is an affordable, rugged, field-deployable, full-body manikin designed for enhanced realistic training on TECC procedures, powered by Strategic Operations Hyper-Realistic technology. The Casualty Care Rescue Randy is designed for use by civilian EMS, EMT, Law Enforcement, and other civilian and military medical first responders.

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The manikin has articulated joints, mimics a human body’s weight distribution, holds three to four liters of simulated blood, has a foot-operated pump (an electronic pumping system is optional) to deliver blood to femoral, brachial, inguinal, and carotid wounds, and allows for treatment interventions using extremity and junctional tourniquets, wound packing and pressure bandages. Airway management is accomplished with Nasopharyngeal, Oropharyngeal, and Cricothyroidotomy. Tension pneumothorax with Needle Decompression at the 4th/5th intercostal space in the anterior axillary line and at the 2nd/3rd intercostal space in the midclavicular line. A penetrating chest wound allows for an occlusive dressing to be applied.

Child CRISis: Represents the size of a 5-year-old child to provide realistic training on CPR, suctioning, and airway management on a young patient. Lifelike anatomy with fully articulated head, neck, and jaw with realistic jaw thrust feature. All-in-one complete PALS training capabilities. Key features include airway management, blood pressure arm, defibrillation chest skin, femoral access, intraosseous infusion, IV arm, and CPR capacity.

CPR Trainers: An advanced, affordable manikin designed to enable accurate, effective CPR training. These trainers can be used to train anyone to administer proper CPR techniques. Compliant with current American Heart Association guidelines. Key features include real-time feedback on compressions/ventilations with the Heartisense app, student and instructor apps, reference points for hand placement and compression, simulation of an obstructed airway, and visible chest rise when ventilated.

Alex / Axel: the first patient communication simulator that sees, listens, and responds using artificial intelligence. ALEX is a cloud-connected patient simulator that incorporates speech recognition with artificial intelligence (AI) voice responses in Spanish, French, German, and English. ALEX uses scenario-driven, instructor-controlled simulations. ALEX includes a virtual AED/Pacing and 12-lead ECG. Based on the service level, ALEX has model-driven physiology with pharmaceutical treatment simulations, digital patient, and team space.

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DANi : During IMSH 2023, Peter Marotta, Senior Clinical Simulation Educator at Nasco Healthcare, introduced “Dani, a manikin available in multiple skin tones which can cover an age range from 17 to 35, which provides clinical educators the opportunity to teach sexual abuse, drug addiction on top of standard manikin training features like CPR, blood pressures, auscultations, and more”.

DANi Teen & Young Adult Advanced Simulation Training Platform in 2023. DANi addresses the gap between pediatric manikin and middle-aged manikin. With DANi, Nasco Healthcare introduced the first-to-market teenage simulation training platform. DANi allows healthcare workers, crime and sexual abuse investigators, and social workers to Be READY for teen patients who need their care. DANi has the new generation simulation training platform with add-ons to simulate scenarios experienced by at-risk youth, such as drug abuse, sexual assault, and self-harm. The lifelike realism of DANi helps first responders and emergency department professionals to Be READY to provide care to teens and young adults.

C.H.A.R.L.I.E. Neonatal Resuscitation Simulator with Interactive ECG Simulator: the C.H.A.R.L.I.E. line of neonatal resuscitation simulators are full-body newborn simulators for neonatal care training. These manikins were developed in conjunction with the latest Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Guidelines. Key features include the ability to deliver a defibrillation shock through the manikin or simulator and connect the defibrillator/external pacer to the simulator using adapters. The built-in circuitry allows you to defibrillate and pace directly into the ECG simulator and observe ECG rhythms through the PADS connector, the ability to select another rhythm to run immediately after defib discharge. Pacing can be done on any manufacturer’s defibrillator.

Neo Nate Neonatal Resuscitation Trainer: Neo Nate is a full-body, lifelike neonatal trainer designed for the instruction of basic care and lifesaving skills in the moments immediately after birth. Neo Nate addresses the key training demands of neonatal care specialists in clinical settings, making it ideal for the training of nurses, midwives, obstetricians, and neonatal/ pediatric care providers. Key features include realistic chest compressions with clicks, visible chest rise during ventilation, umbilical cord clamping and care, and simulated vital signs.

Lucy Birth Simulator: Peter Marotta, Senior Clinical Simulation Educator at Nasco Healthcare, states the “new fetal monitor system for the Lucy manikin, a mainstay for OB delivery training, is giving educators the capacity to do emergency care on the mother and the delivery of the fetus, and all in an easy to manage lightweight system.”

Teri Androgynous Geriatric Care Trainer: a comprehensive elderly patient care trainer with a highly realistic look and feel that accurately represents the human anatomy. Peter Marotta, Senior Clinical Simulation Educator at Nasco Healthcare, states that “Teri, the Grandmother of Dani, has a high-fidelity skin, and a number of key features of a geriatric manikin including an ALS capable airway, nursing procedures from G tubes to colostomies, catheterizations, IVs, CPR feedback, and more which only weighs 50 lbs so it’s a very lightweight manikin to work with”.

IV Arm and Task Trainers: These simulation products contain multiple venous structures to enable training on multiple types of punctures using a variety of injections and access sites. These task trainers are ideal for nurses and phlebotomists in training. The training arm provides complete venous access for IV therapy and phlebotomy, plus sites for intramuscular and intradermal injections.

More About Nasco Healthcare

Based in Saugerties, NY, and Fort Atkinson, WI, Nasco Healthcare provides a wide range of innovative and affordable healthcare simulation products to healthcare professionals worldwide. The company was started in 1941 by Norman Eckley, an agricultural teacher who developed educational tools from his farm. Eighty years later, Nasco Healthcare has always supported Emergency Medical Services (EMS), EMTs, Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), first responders, nurses, and phlebotomists to Be READY. With over 6,000 products, the company has considered every need and offers the right simulation solution for any situation.

Nasco Healthcare strives to meet the healthcare needs of all sections of society with quality, reliability, and integrity. The company’s products are made to ISO9001 standards, and Nasco Healthcare backs this up with a warranty of up to five years. The company’s simulators are future-proof with easily upgradeable and replaceable parts.

Nasco Healthcare is passionate about developing training solutions that reflect diversity, as racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive lower-quality access to healthcare. The company strongly believes that diversity in simulation helps ensure that healthcare workers are both knowledgeable and caring about the communities they will work in. This includes incorporating different skin tones into their products that reflect the unique populations that healthcare workers serve.

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