June 13, 2010By Lance Baily

How much should Sim Techs earn?

Last week I was asked how much Sim Techs should earn based off their level of education and experience. I thought I would post my thoughts for you to read.

With this article I am going to keep it simply about the numbers.  Check out my article on “What to REALLY look for when hiring a Sim Tech” to find out more about avenues of simulation experience.

In my view there is two primary groups of Simulation Technicians.  Those who can assist with Simulation and running of the technology, and those who can debug and correct the errors while running the technology.  Those with proven experience of selecting, installing, integrating, operating, debugging, and maintaining equipment associated with Healthcare Simulation technology should be earning more than an individual who can change over a room between scenarios and can merely operate the technology.

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Sim Operators:

Level I ~ $35,000/yr: Student working on their AA/BA with some healthcare experience (EMT, CNA, RNA, PM) with limited Audio/Visual (A/V) and standard computer skills.

Level II ~$45,000 /yr: Relevant AA/BA, healthcare experience and/or license, demonstrated computer skills and some A/V production ability.

Simulation Technicians:

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Level III ~ $52,000-$60,000 /yr: Relevant BA,  2+ years of A/V production experience, 5+ years of computer/IT experience (including some networking), optional: healthcare expreience.

Level IV ~ $65,000 /yr: Simulation Technician experience, Relevant BA and possible Masters,  2 years of relevant work experience, 7+ years of computer experience and potentially IT certified, 3+ years of A/V production experience, optional: healthcare experience.

If you are wondering why healthcare experience becomes optional for tiers III & IV, please read my article “What to REALLY look for when hiring a Sim Tech“.  The ability to fix technology is worth double the ability to simply operate, and Simulation Technicians are there to answer the important questions that no one else in your department will be able to, like “Why does the Sim laptop keep freezing mid-way through a scenario?”.

Remember this is just a quick glance overall for the general categories of level of Simulation Technicians.  Specific individuals and their levels and types of experience will always differ.

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