March 22, 2016By Lance Baily

OSSim Tech Sim-K Virtual Reality Orthopedic Open-Surgery Simulator – Video Interview from IMSH 2016

knee surgical simulator

Continuing our coverage of the IMSH exhibit floor simulation vendors, today we share about the Open Knee Surgical Simulator from OSSim Technologies simulators, which are developed by highly-skilled engineers and clinicians, using the latest  technology in haptic feedback. The virtual reality environment precisely recreates the sound, force, and imaging of real-life actions. OSSim Technologies simulators expand training possibilities in the field of open surgeries by a standardized and quality-assured training method. Medical educators and students can obtain a detailed evaluation of individual learning. Watch our video to see this awesome simulator in action:

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About the Sim-K

The SIM-K is the next generation virtual reality simulator designed for the training of medical students and orthopedic residents. The simulator currently enables simulation training for the total knee replacement procedure and practice of surgical skills as bone drilling and sawing. With Sim-K, medical students train and focus on their basic surgical skills effectively — without risk to patients and hospital daily constraints. Different surgical cases are available and surgery procedures can be trained several times — before entering the stressful OR!

Sim-K Features:

  • Experience of real-time haptic feed-back (applied force and resistance).
  • Allows handling and manipulation of handheld drill and saw units.
  • Allows practice of drilling and sawing on different shapes and materials, including bones.
  • Allows practice of the total knee replacement procedure including intervention-based tasks (such as drilling and sawing).
  • Allows tracking of total tools movement (precision, orientation, amplitude, depth), applied forces and tasks completion time.
  • Performing software adaptable to training agenda and curriculum.

SIM-K Components:

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  • One quad-core PC
  • One HD flat-screen
  • 5-DoF haptic system
  • 6-DoF tracking system
  • Generic mock-up surgical tools
  • Height-adjustable mobile cart

Learn more at the OSSIM Sim-K Website!

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