October 13, 2014By Lance Baily

SimGHOSTS Presented to EMS SimulationIQ HQ


Last week, Education Management Solutions brought HealthySim founder Lance Baily out to their Exton Pennsylvania HQ just outside Philly to present about SimGHOSTS.Org to their international team. Of course, I had to stop by the Rocky steps to do my best impersonation.

I shared about the interesting story that brought me to healthcare simulation by going back in time, demonstrating how all simulation champions have unique backgrounds which can contribute to the advancement of our field. Since there are only limited professional education opportunities in simulation (like the NYIT and Drexel Simulation Masters programs), most individuals have sidestepped into this field from careers in healthcare, IT and A/V, they have an enormous amount of experience to share! SimGHOSTS.Org events are specifically designed to showcase such experiences to those operating medical simulation technology labs.

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There I also received a tour of their redesigned space about to become their non-profit Global Institute for Simulation Learning, which will be working with local healthcare partners to provide simulation training and sales demonstrations. Learn more about the GISL in my previous article here.

I also had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Product Manager Marco Angeli, to learn more about the amazing features his team has been developing on the past year for SimulationIQ Enterprise. The ability to use their Enterprise cloud system to track room utilization, scheduling, equipment, as well as launch student recordings, rendering options, and edit video playlists was mind blowing! Stay tuned for a future EMS webinar on the topic to learn a great deal more. Following my presentation, Gaumard representatives introduced the many features of their new Victoria birthing simulator and latest HAL 3201

For now, visit EMS’ SimulationIQ website to learn more about the original A/V recording company in medical simulation!

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