January 16, 2024By Teresa Gore

Education Management Solution’s Training in Motion Helps You Affordably Increase Sim Utilization

The new Education Management Solutions (EMS) Training in Motion solution is a state-of-the-art solution for healthcare and higher education providers that helps on-the-move simulation and competency management training in any environment. Mobile simulation and competency solutions are in high demand to assist clinical and academic programs in addressing the challenge of training more providers to improve clinical outcomes with limited resources and financial constraints while accelerating the training and onboarding of new clinicians. EMS’ Training in Motion solution delivers a comprehensive video capture-to-debrief solution with on-the-move simulation management that supports training in any environment. This HealthySimulation.com article explores the new Training in Motion solution by EMS and what makes this different from other mobile simulation solutions.

5 Features that Set Education Management Solutions’ New Training in Motion Simulation Platform Apart!

1. Affordable Solution & Hardware Agnostic: Education Management Solution’s groundbreaking new Training in Motion solution delivers a flexible and affordable training solution that revolutionizes mobile healthcare training. By combining portability, live streaming, multiple AV feed control, and advanced video management, EMS’ Training in Motion solution sets a new standard for on-the-move healthcare training to enhance skill development and training outcomes in a variety of settings. Training in Motion‘s hardware-agnostic design effortlessly interfaces with all major vendor simulators, ensuring compatibility and allowing institutions to leverage current investments in simulation technology.

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2. Airplay and Conferencing Capability: The Training in Motion solution provides advances in training through the integration with Apple Airplay and video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex, enabling live streaming and the sharing of content across multiple locations. Training in Motion integrates seamlessly with a third-party video conferencing tool that can stream the simulation activity from a remote location to multiple classrooms, improving the cost-effectiveness and efficient use of trainers. This allows trainers the flexibility required to meet their needs in remote locations.

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Training in Motion: Affordably Expanding In Situ Mobile Clinical Simulation to learn more!

By combining portability, seamless integration, live streaming, advanced video management, and multiple feed control, EMS’ Training in Motion solution sets a new standard for healthcare training, providing potential users with an unrivaled training solution that enhances skill development, knowledge retention, and overall training outcomes.

3. Lightning-Fast Setup: With an out-of-the-box setup that can be deployed in just a matter of minutes, Training in Motion allows educators and instructors to effortlessly conduct highly effective training events anywhere and beyond the limits of traditional classrooms. This easy-to-use mobile solution provides plug-and-play capability for all major simulators, which makes setting up capture environments as simple as plugging in and flipping a switch. Education Management Solutions removes the complexities by configuring the solution before shipment, so all that is left for users to do is unpack the solution and power up the tablet, encoder, and cameras – a process that can be easily completed in less than 10 minutes.

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Training in Motion’s ease of use, coupled with wireless connectivity and more than four hours of battery-powered mobility, allows educators to spend more time focusing on learners and less time on technology.

4. Patented Technology: Training in Motion allows for easy video capture with EMS’ proprietary and patented technology. With video being captured by HD PTZ cameras and audio recording through built-in microphones, Training in Motion allows for a portable and flexible training environment that can be easily transported to any location, allowing for training to take place in a variety of settings, including in the field. This is particularly important for instructors required to educate and train learners, which makes this solution scalable. Training in Motion ensures that all learners are taught to have consistency in training that is not dependent on their location.

5. Advanced Video Management and Debrief Capabilities with Multiple Feed Control: With advanced video management and debriefing capabilities like bookmarking and annotation features, Training in Motion facilitates thorough post-training analysis and assessment. Additionally, multiple feed control empowers users to simultaneously display cameras, vitals, and simulation feeds, delivering comprehensive training experiences unique to on-the-go solutions. Currently, three feeds can be used on the Training in Motion solution. For example, three cameras and one simulator, or two cameras, one vital signs, and one simulator. Education Management Solutions has also added a body camera feature to the Training in Motion solution, which uses one of the three feeds and gives educators and instructors an even more comprehensive and real-time understating of the simulation scenario.

Training in Motion can be used repeatedly, allowing for a larger number of personnel to be trained while reducing the need for expensive equipment and supplies. The solution can be used to supplement traditional training methods and provide ongoing training and education. This helps ensure personnel are up-to-date with the latest medical procedures and techniques and are prepared to handle a wide range of medical emergencies. Training in Motion can provide a safe and controlled environment for trainees to practice their skills and gain experience handling medical emergencies.

“Training in Motion is a direct response to the seismic changes educators and employers are experiencing in the world of healthcare training,” said Education Management Solution CEO Matt Merino. “The need for a simple-to-use, on-the-move, scalable solution built specifically for the rigorous demands of modern training environments is apparent.”

By incorporating EMS’ Training in Motion solution, educators can foster a dynamic and interactive learning environment that gives students valuable, hands-on experience while honing their critical thinking, decision-making, and clinical skills.

“We believe our Training in Motion solution delivers a superior training platform that not only meets today’s training needs but also adapts to the challenges of tomorrow,” Merino added.

More About Education Management Solutions (EMS)

Education Management Solutions creates innovative solutions that empower the delivery of the best healthcare outcomes for their partners at higher education, healthcare, and government institutions. From its Simulation and Competency solutions to the latest Training in Motion mobile simulation solution, EMS provides a comprehensive learning backbone that elevates the discipline of healthcare anytime, anywhere.

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