December 4, 2013By Lance Baily

ASPiH UK 2013 Simulation Conference Video Coverage & Interviews – Part 1

aspih 2013

This November I was invited to attend ASPiH at the famous Majestic Hotel in Harrogate England, alongside other sim tech training event SimGHOSTS leadership Ryan Eling and Joey Failma. ASPiH, which stands for the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, was having its fourth annual meeting with more than 400 in attendance. Watch the Part 1 of our video coverage below:

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I had a chance to sit down with current ASPiH President and Director of Nottingham University’s Trent Simulation Center Dr. Bryn Baxendale to learn more about this innovative event and professional organization.

bryn baxendale

Dr. Baxendale Interview Highlights:

  • ASPiH successfully brings together simulation users from across disciplines for conferences and networking.
  • The organization also links directly to political action for professional awareness supporting the need for innovation with new ways to educate and develop the workforce.

Next week we will post the full interview with Bryn so stay tuned for more there.

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Now because in the UK government plays a larger role in national healthcare, the opening keynote by Professor Ieuan Ellis, Chair for the UK Council of Deans of Health was a powerful reminder to attendees about the challenges in healthcare that simulation can specifically address. A key takeaway there is the use of medical simulation to decrease the length of time it takes to implement new healthcare practices throughout the system.

In the multi-day Tech hall Simulation Technology Specialists shared their home-made do-it-yourself simulation lab innovations and presented to one another about the recent operational successes of their programs. Ryan Eling presented on consolidating control panels in the sim control room, and I presented on film-making techniques which can increase sim lab realism and learning opportunities. Jane Nicklin, Strategic Clinical Skills Advisor at Leeds Metropolitan University and ASPiH Tech SIG Co-chair, spoke with me to explain not just the rapid growth of support by ASPiH leadership for technical course content but also the technical workforce development project with Higher Education England. You can also download a short powerpoint of updates here.

Key Takeaways from Jane:

  •  At ASPiH 2012 in Oxford, there was only one session of Technical presentations. Now in 2013, Tech Room is running for the full two day event.
  • ASPiH recognizes need to better support emerging professional community of Simulation Technicians.
  • Realization that Sim Techs come from a range of backgrounds and are not being professional supported with initial or ongoing training. Most of current tech labor force has developed home-grown skill sets.
  • Connection with SimGHOSTS for collaborative support discussions.
  • UK Higher Education England supported national survey of Sim Tech work force, which has lead to the development of a pilot paid apprenticeship training program for about 20 Sim Techs around the country.

Part 2 is now available here, which covers more of the conference sessions including an important keynote from Dr. Barry Issenberg! In the mean time, visit to learn more about ASPiH today!

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