January 9, 2019By Lance Baily

ASPIH Vendor Video: Inovus Medical Demos New Hysteroscopy Simulator bozzini

Continuing our exploration of the latest healthcare simulation technology innovations from ASPiH 2018, today we take a look at rapidly growing startup Inovus Medical. The new company, lead by Dr. Elliot Street and Jordan Van Flute, has recently successfully achieved several rounds of significant funding, enabling them to increase manufacturing of their affordable surgical simulation tools.

Medical devices are developed on a daily basis by clinicians as part of PHD and Post doctoral research projects. These products almost always end up being shelved, never successfully reaching the healthcare market and as such the patients. Inovus Medical attempts to bridge the gap between Universities and the healthcare sector by acting as the manufacturer, marketer and distributor for these otherwise lost products.

At the ASPiH 2018 event recap here, HealthySim was able to interview Co-Founder Dr. Street about the rapid growth of the company and its unique product lines, with a video demonstration now available below!

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About the Bozzini Hysteroscopy Simulator

The Bozzini Hysteroscopy Simulator by Inovus Medical is a world first in the delivery of close to life, affordable, turnkey hysteroscopy simulation. The simulator offers an anatomically correct uterus with interchangeable pathologies for practising diagnosis and intraoperative management. Pathologies include endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions and endometrial cancer/fibroid as well as a bicornate uterus. The pathologies offer real to life tissue handling and are a low-cost way of delivering repeated practice of these core hysteroscopic skills. The uterus can be positioned in an anteverted and retroverted orientation allowing trainees to experience the different approach needed for each.

The Simulator is supplied with a standard 4mm hysteroscope, two hysteroscopic instruments, a HD camera system and 15” monitor and monitor stand. The camera and hysteroscope are powered by the Bozzini light system. The Bozzini light system really does put the “key” into this turnkey simulator allowing simulated endoscopic procedures to be performed with real endoscopic devices at an affordable price.

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Inovus Medical Secures £500,000 Investment to Continue Innovating Surgical Simulation

Dr. Elliot Street Managing Director of Inovus Medical and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur shared with us last week at ASPiH 2018 UK in Southport that the company had successfully raised a funding round of £500,000 to continue their innovation in surgical simulation products. This is exciting news for the healthcare simulation industry as there are so very few startups in the space creating revolutionary innovations which reduce cost and increase accessibility. During the ASPiH event HealthySim had a chance to learn more from Dr. Elliot who suggested the goal of Inovus is to produce affordable, realistic, and accessible surgical simulation products. Stay tuned for a video demonstration from HealthySim soon! Read our recent article here.

About Inovus Medical

Founded in 2012, Inovus Medical is a UK based, multi award winning, designer and manufacturer of medical simulation products. Their core range of simulators includes the world’s most affordable ‘take-home’ laparoscopic simulators and a range of institutional based laparoscopic simulators with unrivaled functionality. The company offers a growing range of simulators for teaching skills in critical care, medicine and surgery.

Inovus is driven by a clear vision. That vision is to improve access to high quality, affordable and versatile healthcare training equipment across the globe. By improving clinician proficiency through improved access to training, patients across the globe will receive improved care; impacting positively on their quality of life. Having the ability to positively impact on the quality of life of patients is the driving force behind Inovus’ constant innovation of healthcare simulation.

Visit the Inovus Medical Website to Learn More Today!

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