DiaMedical USA Acquires SimScreen: Mobile Mirror for Clinical Assessment Fidelity

DiaMedical USA has acquired SimScreen by Applelton Inc, earlier this week. This acquisition  strengthens DiaMedical USA and subsidiary, SimLabSolutions, as among the leaders within the healthcare education industry. DiaMedical USA will acquire SimScreen’s manufacturing operations, assets and contacts while developing SimScreen’s product line and marketing efforts.

SimScreen was founded in 2011, and provides an innovative solution to separate healthcare educators from the student during simulation. Gillian Peralta, President of DiaMedical USA states, “When the SimScreen is utilized, students are given the opportunity for independent clinical decision-making without relying on cues from the instructor.” The SimScreen’s design utilizes Mirrorpane technology commonly known as a “two-way mirror” to create a portable observation space, which has become increasingly popular with healthcare educators.

Dimensions: A standard SimScreen is six (6) feet tall and three (3) feet wide and weighs 78 pounds. By combining a standard screen and a single corner screen you can create an observation window the size of a standard hospital bed or office desk. DiaMedical USA offers a one (1) year warranty for all SimScreen products, which require no maintenance or assembly, and can be purchased

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Why Should We Consider “Hiding” from Our Learners with SimScreen?

Research shows that by removing yourself from the room, it will actually produce a more capable healthcare professional. The presence of an instructor in the simulation room provides cues and guidance to students through body language and unintentional behaviors. This occurs subconsciously even if the instructor makes every effort to remain a neutral observer. Students instinctively look to the instructor to determine their best course of action rather than using their own critical thinking skills. This eliminates the students’ opportunity to realize how their clinical decisions affect the patient outcomes.

SimScreen was designed by a Nursing instructor who needed to create a way to make her students less nervous during simulation and test-taking events. The product is successfully being utilized by hundreds of simulation programs to help maintain lab fidelity while still providing for close proximity student reviews. Christy Dryer MSN, RN, CNE Director of Nursing Cecil College wrote to SimScreen saying that “The clinical simulation screens assist in creating a more effective and realistic simulation environment. The nursing faculty can observe and facilitate the simulation scenario, without disrupting the student, thus creating a more realistic simulation. They have been incredibly valuable as we move forward with the integration of simulation in our nursing curriculum”. What a simple yet effective way of operating healthcare simulation labs!

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Jeff Ambrose, founder and CEO of DiaMedical USA, explains why this acquisition will be monumental for the company; “ As an industry leader, we are always looking for products that fall in line with our company’s mission: Improve the quality of healthcare by providing innovative tools to educate the next generation of medical professionals. We believe the SimScreen is a product that can surely do so.”

About DiaMedical USA

DiaMedical USA along with its’ subsidiaries, MedMattress.com, SimLabSolutions and HomeCare Hospital Beds, is a manufacturer and global distributor of healthcare products, supplies, mattresses and replacement parts. They are key supporters in the industry in healthcare education by offering full service solutions in outfitting simulation labs with products such as hospital beds, training headwalls, Loaded Crash Carts, infusion pumps, simulated IV fluids and more.

DiaMedical USA will begin manufacturing all SimScreen products in their West Bloomfield, MI headquarters immediately. Customers will see no additional lead time or delays when ordering.

More information about the SimScreen acquisition can be found on SimScreen’s new website:

Learn More on the new SimScreen Website!

Today’s article was guest authored by Travis Knapp, Marketing Assistant at DiaMedical USA, and edited by Lance Baily.

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