June 5, 2018By Lance Baily

IMSH 2018 Simulation Exhibitor Floor Video Interviews Recap

Clinical Simulation Champions if you missed any of the exclusive video interviews HealthySim provided from this year’s International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the latest highlights from the World’s largest medical simulation conference, covering new simulators, product updates, partnerships and technologies! These new products cover categories in vascular training, otoscopy, nursing, OB/GYN, video debriefing, and glucometers, oximeters and thermometers!

Level 3 Healthcare Provides Leading Innovation in Sim A/V with SIMStationConnecting with David Escobar, Director of Healthcare Simulation at Level 3 Healthcare, we went over the latest features of SIMStation — an audiovisual recording and debriefing platform which Level 3 Healthcare distributes in the United States. David and the Level 3 Healthcare team have started producing a helpful video series that provides much needed answers with regards to the complicated art of healthcare simulation audiovisual recording equipment, systems, consulting and design.

CAE Healthcare Launches LucinaAR – Augmented Reality Maternal/Fetal SimulatorCAE LucinaAR with Microsoft HoloLens is a breakthrough in healthcare simulation, the world’s first patient simulator with modeled physiology that is represented in stunning anatomical holograms. Learners gain a view inside the mother as the fetus descends the birthing canal, and they witness how their actions impact mother-baby safety. CAE’s integration of augmented reality into a simulator with responsive physiology delivers deeper understanding and an unprecedented shared training experience.

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Laerdal’s New Nursing Anne Simulator Specifically Built for Nursing Education: Laerdal has launched their Nursing Anne Simulator, designed and built specifically for nursing education, from basic assessment to advanced practice. By creating manikins unique to various professions, Laerdal is ensuring that the best possible training outcomes become possible at the price specific to those needs. Designed based on input from leading nursing educators from around the world, this engaging and robust platform enables nurses to practice a wide range of competencies both as a skills trainer and as a highly realistic female simulator. Learners can safely and realistically practice core nursing skills from basic assessments and critical thinking to advanced interventions. Also from Laerdal:

Laerdal Collaborates with Mentice for New SimMan VascularAt IMSH 2018 Laerdal announced a new collaboration with Mentice for a big announcement, the launch of SimMan Vascular! By connecting realistic diagnostic and therapeutic endovascular procedure capabilities with a leading brand of high-fidelity patient simulators, the two companies have enabled for a new level of realism in high stakes healthcare training. Built on Laerdal’s SimMan 3G platform with Mentice’s VIST endovascular simulation technology inside, SimMan Vascular is an integrated emergency patient and endovascular procedure simulator all in one.

Innov2Learn Provides Innovative Gluco, Thermo & Oxi SimulatorsCanadian-based Innov2Learn was at IMSH 2018 where HealthySim was able to learn more about their innovative Glucometer, Thermometer, and Oximeter simulators. Founder Mike Boutin walked us through their product lineup, sharing the fast, simple, and reliable tools which can help to increase the realism of your healthcare simulation experiences. We were impressed with the realism of the devices which were controlled by a downloadable app (iOS & Android) for quick connections and instant control based directly on real-time actions of your learners. The tools will work great for both simulators and standardized patients.

Operative Experience Demos RealMom Birthing Simulator (Over 45,000 Views Already!)Operative Experience provided HealthySim a special look at the RealMom birthing simulator in action at the IMSH 2018 event, showcasing realistic skin delivery with little hardware changes between births required. We were surprised to see how quickly the newborn could be reloaded into RealMom, which took less than a minute to re setup after the live birth demonstration. This, combined with the extremely realistic skins and texture feeling of the manikins makes RealMom something to be seen to be understood. Watch our video interview below to see what we mean.

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Otosim Creates Mobile Device for Simulated Otoscopy Training ‘On The Go’: HealthySim interviewed the team from Otosim to learn more about their new mobile product, which enables healthcare educators to simulate Otoscopy training easily with their own phone! OtoSim Mobile transforms your smartphone into a hand-held otoscopy simulator delivering a complete cloud-based otologic curriculum. The new device is a complete otoscopy skills trainer, “on-the-go” which was developed by clinical otology educators with over 50 years of combined medical educational experience. We were impressed with how easy the device is to use seeing as almost every learner will have a smart phone!

B-Line Medical’s Latest SimCapture Pro Has Extremely Small Hardware Footprint: B-Line Medical‘s Co-Founder Lucas Huang provided an exclusive video interview with HealthySimulation.com at IMSH 2018 to showcase their new low-hardware-profile yet high-functioning high-quality SimCapture Pro. The box which can easily sit in the palm of your hand is enabling Simulation in Healthcare programs to engage with cloud-based recording, debriefing, and performance tracking. The new systems includes the small (4.5″x4.5″) SimCapture Node capture device with cloud centralization and backup, two HD cameras with integrated boundary microphones and an optional medical device capture for equipment like EKG, Ultrasound, or EMR.

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