January 14, 2018By Lance Baily

IMSH 2018 Opens With MythBuster’s Jayme Hyneman Keynote Interview

Today in Downtown Los Angeles California, the 18th annual International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare opened at the LA Exposition Center. Before the opening interview with Mythbusters cohost Jamie Hyneman, Past-President Dr. Christine Park shared an update about the past year of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). Christine shared:

  1. Research from 2003, which showed that 93% of the public thought simulated training is important for all healthcare professionals.
  2. The success of the first Healthcare Simulation week (with this year’s week happening September 17th-21st
  3. The continued development of the Strategic Planning for the organization, with a special new project looking at developing a code of ethics with regards to the use of simulation in healthcare

Following this, Incoming President Joe Lopreiato MD came up to share about the opportunities SSH provides its members and attendees for engaging with the developing field of healthcare simulation including program accreditation, certification, journal research and more.

After this introduction, celebrity “Mythbusters” cohost Jamie Hyneman took to the stage for an in-depth interview with SSH’s first President, Dr. Dan Ramer. Key takeaways from Jaime’s interview about his work to create explosive simulations:

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  1. Allow team members call off an experiment if something feels wrong or unsafe.
  2. Be honest with mistakes, owning them immediately dissipates controversy.
  3. Internalize a problem to get the perspective necessary to make use of the data.
  4. Respect failure as it provides the best opportunity to learn.
  5. Detail in grotesque moulage creates intense training situations, which make the real thing easier to deal with.

On the topic of leveraging failure, Jamie suggests we must “respect it”. Acknowledging that failure is difficult to think about, “we can find a great opportunity to learn from it”, and “those that are passionate about learning can have good days when errors occur”.

About Jaime Hyneman

Jaime Hyneman combines “Models, Machines, Miniatures, Manufacturing, and Magic” to create innovative simulators and simulations, addressing an expansive range of possibilities. Over a decade ago, a senior field surgeon saw Jamie Hyneman’s extremely realistic prototype for a multiple amputation trauma trainer, and stated “this is going to save a tremendous amount of lives”, addressing a crucial training need for improved combat casualty and patient care.

Jamie’s invention led to a massive effort by the US Military to train every soldier to take care of each other at the point of injury. Immediate care in the field has significantly improved patient outcomes – it is saving lives. This story, along with countless others showcasing how simulation can make the impossible possible, will be shared during this engaging conversation. In the midst of producing and hosting MythBusters and other television projects, Jamie Hyneman was quietly doing groundbreaking work in modeling and simulation with the National Reconnaissance Office, Homeland Security, the US Army, and the Office of Naval Research.

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He has received three honorary doctorates, has several patents, and is a lifetime honorary member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators. He lectures regularly in the both the US and around the world on product design and creative problem solving. Founding SSH member, Dan Raemer, PhD, FSSH facilitated this exciting discussion and exploration of Jamie’s work, inspiration and future directions in developing innovative concepts to make the impossible, possible.

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