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Master Simulation Skills with SIM-one’s Certified Education Program

Whether you’re a simulation novice or expert, SIM-one’s certificate programs and breadth of courses in simulation-based education can help you master the concepts of the field and advance your career in healthcare simulation. Learn about all of SIM-one‘s certificate programs and course offerings below.

Mastering the Artistic Side of Clinical Simulation certificate program

Mastering the Artistic Side of Clinical Simulation (MASCS) focuses on the creative and psychological elements that bring simulations to life, enhancing fidelity, and increasing learner engagement. MASCS introduces the use of best practices and techniques for enhancing health professions education.

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MASCS is designed to help mentor and support participants in developing a career in the exciting field of healthcare simulation. The experience and learning are grounded in networking and collaboration. Connections made within this program will be nurtured to further develop practice within the broad simulation community.

Featured Image: Sabrina Boucher of La Cité collégiale (left) is the first-ever MASCS graduate. On the right is Dr. Bruce Ballon, director of education, SIM-one.


Students of the MASCS program were encouraged to be creative in a reflection submission. Above is Louise Moir’s submission, submitted with the traditional reflection paper.

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Keystones of Healthcare Simulation certificate program

The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation is designed for those who are interested in a more immersive experience in healthcare simulation. This program supports participants in developing their careers as simulationists in roles such as educators, leaders, scholars, and faculty developers. As with MASCS, the Keystones experience is grounded in networking and collaboration.


2014 “Keystonians” (From top L to R: Lisa Kakonge, Leigh Andrews, Alicia Stewart, Anne Marie Renzoni, Gladys Mokaya, and Dr. Bruce Ballon. From bottom L to R: Luba Komar, Raya Gal, Donna Rampersad, and Lan McMillan).

“The Keystones is a program that helped me put perspective and knowledge together to make a very challenging learning environment a very rewarding and successful means to an end. I would highly recommend this program as it is very comprehensive and ‘hands on’ in its approach. The people that run this program have all the knowledge, direction and passion to help every health professional (regardless of which field) succeed in their own institutions.” – Dr. Dominic Giuliano, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)

SIM-one’s courses in simulation

What are the essential elements of simulation? What are the imagination and psychological principles behind all simulations? How do you create the best possible scenarios? Their experts and leading simulation and healthcare education researchers will equip you with the knowledge and tools during discussions, interactive exercises, and group breakout sessions.

SIM-one’s courses are typically offered as two-day, in-person intensives, using an online flipped approach or a blend of the two.

Popular SIM-one courses include:

  • Briefing, Debriefing, and Facilitating a Simulation – Mastering the art of briefing, debriefing, and facilitation for a successful simulation.
  • Introduction to Simulation: The Essentials of Simulation-Based Learning – An accredited, two-day intensive introductory course that teaches the essential elements of a simulation.
  • e-Xplorers of Simulation – An introduction to using e-simulation and e-blended learning for enhancing clinical teaching and healthcare education.
  • SIMaginarium: The Imagination Behind Simulation – Examining the use of imagination and psychological principles that underpin all aspects of simulation.
  • SIM Research Primer – The perfect introduction to the world of research into simulation-based education and healthcare quality improvement.


Active listening during Briefing, Debriefing, and Facilitating a Simulation two-day course (November 13, 2015)

“e-Xplorers was a great eye-opener to how simulation can be adapted to e-learning needs.”

“The course was creative and fun. It was a great opportunity to work with colleagues on the activities that we can do together in teaching and facilitating.” (SIMaginaium)

“The course identified key aspects to simulation/medical education research that would not be apparent to a clinical researcher.” (SIM Research Primer)

All educators, health professionals, and individuals interested in learning more about simulation and/or becoming a simulation educator are welcome. Be sure to check their website for upcoming simulation-based courses and the full list of SIM-one’s course offerings.

About SIM-one

SIM-one is a not-for-profit organization that connects the simulation community, facilities, and resources across Canada and beyond. SIM-one advocates for and advances simulated learning in health professions education for the benefit of patient care and safety. Supported in part by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), SIM-one offers advanced educational training and online services that are open to simulationists and health professionals across the globe.

Learn about all these great programs at SIM-one’s website today!

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