January 26, 2018By Lance Baily

Mobile Simulation in Rural Healthcare Conference March 20-22 in MT

Just a few months away from March 20th-22nd is the “Simulation In Rural Healthcare” conference for America’s rural health simulation and education specialists, hosted by Simulation in Motion Montana and made possible in part by the Helmsley Charitable Trust as well as by Best Practice Medicine. Simulation in Rural America usually means unique trucks specially designed to maximize learning opportunities across a wide geographic area. Undoubtedly there are many great challenges involved with starting such a mobile program, and so any institution considering such an activity would be wise to invest in learning directly from the experiences of others, like these Montana based groups, who have already been so successful! Below is a snapshot of the event’s agenda:


  • Zach Sturges, MD, Simulation Medical Director, Best Practice Medicine – Bozeman MT
  • Walter Panzirer, Helmsley Charitable Trust

Tuesday (Pre-Con):

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  • Updates from Regional State Rural Simulation Programs
  • What’s next – How each program is planning for their financial future.


  • Simulation in Motion
  • The Setup – methods for programming initial simulations.
  • The science of simulation – A review of relevant research in the field of simulation, intended to provide resources for programmatic reference.
  • Break outs: Manikin Repair, Moulage, Driver Meeting, The Standardized Pt.
  • Careers and professional development in simulation
  • Supporting technology – Review of technology simulation programs are using to get the most out of simulation


  • Keynote: The art of debriefing
  • Best practice in debriefing
  • Put it into practice – Debriefing break out session
  • Psychological safety – Creating the optimal learning environment
  • What’s new in simulation – emerging trends
  • Props, smells and repairs

About Simulation in Motion Montana

Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed to operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The mission of this corporation is to provide and facilitate educational and other workforce related activities that support increased educational opportunities, health care provider competence and a team approach to delivery of health care.

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About Best Practice Medicine

Founded in 2015 by Montana clinicians, Best Practice Medicine (BPM) is Montana’s fastest growing clinical education group focused on high consequence patient care encounters. As online learning options increased in the last decade the craft of adult education is being outsourced to computers and software programs. We believe that the best learning experiences are those that combine the innovations of today’s technology with specialized live instruction. Our team is proud to represent decades of provider experience in emergency, flight, and critical care medicine.

About Helmsley Charitable Trust’s Support of Simulation

n 2016, the Helmsley Charitable Trust invited Montana to apply for funding implementing Simulation in Motion Montana. This $4.6 million grant includes the purchase of three mobile simulation training trucks with a suite of high definition simulation manikins.  The front of these trucks includes pull out areas and simulates an emergency room; the back simulates an ambulance.  The manikins are high fidelity computerized training tools that talk, breath, have heartbeats, and can react to medications and other actions of the learners. They can live or die and can be reviewed over and over again.

Learn more at the SIRH 2018 Conference Website Today!

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