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Pyxis MedStation Improves Medication Administration Education at George Washington University

Healthcare simulation products have helped to revolutionize educators’ ability to train nursing learners for real-world patient encounters. A premium supplier of simulation nursing supplies and equipment, Medical Shipment works to ensure complete customer satisfaction with each order. The company does so by providing an extensive range of products and services that will fit the needs of all educational programs. For example, George Washington University has relied on Medical Shipment’s Pyxis MedStation. This article details a testimonial from Pam Jeffries, the Dean of the Nursing School at George Washington University, who describes the importance of training nurses on medication dispensing technology, such as the Pyxis MedStation ES.

The Pyxis MedStation ES system is an automated medication dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management. Designed to address the changing landscape of healthcare, the system is the first offering built on the Pyxis ES platform-the next generation of Pyxis solutions. The system was also developed to help clinicians dispense medications in a safe, efficient way and provides enterprise-ready integration capabilities previously not seen in other medication management systems.

Specifically, in terms of nursing learners, the Pyxis MedStation ES helps educate them on how to dispense medication that has been reviewed by a pharmacist. This is done by looking up each patient profile and individual medication. The system can also be used to create a personalized list of a nurse’s patients that is accessible each time the nurse signs in to the station. If a nurse needs to remove medication while they are performing inventory on a station, they can suspend the inventory on a station and continue where they left off when they sign back in the station as well.

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Within George Washington University’s School of Nursing, the Simulation and Innovation Learning Center, the staff understands the importance of preventing medication errors. They, therefore, emphasize the need to train their nursing learners in a proper manner, to present such errors. Helping to achieve this goal, the Pyxis MedStation ES can enhance medication availability while increasing security and control of medications and supplies through a comprehensive system of automated dispensing solutions and pharmacy technologies.

“Every simulation center today needs a Pyxis,” said Jeffries. “It’s one example of the technology that’s needed to prepare our nurses, not only for today but for tomorrow. Other technologies are also important, but medication administration through the proper tools and technology is so required.”

The National Academy of Sciences, along with Robert Wood Johnson, rolled out a report regarding the field of nursing from 2020 to 2030. Jeffries explains that there were no surprises within this report, but that the future of healthcare and where nursing is moving toward increased use of technologies – amongst other factors. Properly administering these technologies across educational health sectors is what can truly and adequately prepare nurses.

“Whatever we have in our labs and simulation centers should replicate what’s occurring in real practice, and sometimes that’s not done,” Jeffries said. “Students can no longer use medication cards or drawers and try to be giving meds – that’s just not what they see in practice. So the use of Pyxis is so important today because [it helps them] hone in on the medication administration skill, which is an important skill because of all the errors that are happening.”

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Ultimately, when George Washington University was expanding the facility’s healthcare simulation footprint, they chose to obtain the Pyxis technology through Medical Shipment because they are “very efficient.” Upon purchasing this technology, they had to also consider how the solution would be installed.

“I would say that by using Medical Shipment, that was seamless,” Jeffries shared. “From set-up to training, and working with the simulation director and staff, since the Pyxis has been installed I’ve heard nothing but positive comments. Our students love it because it matches what they’re getting in real-life clinical. We’re also more contemporary now in our simulation space, no longer using the old med cards and all of that.”

Medical Shipment Note: All Pyxis MedStation ES products include shipping, installation, training, and a 1-year warranty.

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MedicalShipment.com is regarded as one of the growing leaders in the medical supply industry. The company flourished in the past decade due to its dedication to customer service and Founder Dan Micic’s drive to impact the industry for the better. Primarily serving colleges, universities, and hospital clients across the country, Medical Shipment plans to continue its recent expansion overseas and establish a significant presence in Europe within the next few years.

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Medical Shipment is a premium supplier of simulation nursing supplies and equipment. Their goal is to ensure the products they provide fit the need of healthcare educational programs, at a competitive rate, with customer service at the core of our values. They carry an extensive range of products and services, including medication administration training devices, patient simulators, IV Pumps, medical supplies, and more. The Medical Shipment catalog, among other products, includes Manikins, Monitors, Medical Supplies, Labels, Gloves, Med Admin Carts, IV Diagnostic systems, simulated patient medications, and more.

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