Education Management Solutions Develops 'MobilSim' For In-Situ Sim Assessment


Many of the Healthcare Simulation vendors who support the Learning Management System (LMS) and/or AudioVisual capture systems have been developing mobile versions of their product-lines.  Education Management Solutions recently launched this video on youtube to demonstrate the benefits of their mobile system called “MobilSIM”.

The EMS website states “MobilSIM™ is a powerful, web-based, easy to set-up and use mobile solution for recording, integrating with high-fidelity simulators, collecting data, and assessing performance from any location. MobilSIM is ideal for in-situ, on-the-go simulation training. Competitively priced, the MobilSIM lightweight custom carrying case contains all the components needed for recording and debriefing a simulation session, managing participants, scoring, and generating reports.”

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MobilSIM Benefits:

  • Plug ‘n play solution allows easy and quick set-up.
  • Affordably priced, compact, light-weight, and easily portable.
  • View video and assessment checklist on a single screen.
  • Ideal for training in in-situ human patient simulation environments.

MobilSIM includes:

  • One laptop for hosting the web application and video storage.
  • Two mini HD (720p) pan/tilt/zoom IP cameras with built-in microphone.
  • One wireless network switch.
  • Self-instructional guide.
  • One portable carrying case.

Do you own a MobilSIM? We’d love to learn more about it so share some comments in the article post!

Learn more at the EMS MobilSIM website! Also be sure to sign up to gain access to their free simulation white papers!

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