April 2, 2012By Lance Baily

MIH Games & Storytelling Conference

Simulation and game education conference
Eric Bauman from Clinical Playground wrote in to let me know about a new conference in support of education through gaming.  The new meeting is called “MIH Games & StoryTelling” and is taking place in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Thursday May 17th.  Learning objectives include:
On completion of the games in learning session you will:
  • Identify components of gaming that would enhance your educational efforts.
  • Describe the process and development of educational games.
  • Discuss/explore various games that are beneficial in education.
  • Develop an outline for one game.
  • Review the evidence and research behind the use and efficacy of games in education.

On completion of the storytelling in learning session you will:

  • Discuss how to use story or narrative to achieve an educational outcome.
  • Understand how storytelling and narrative enhance education and educational outcomes.
  • Write stories for your training and education initiatives.
Check out the MIH Games & Storytelling Conference website to learn more!

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