February 6, 2018By Lance Baily

Jump Simulation & SSH to Launch Healthcare Simulation Engineering Design Challenge

Paul Pribaz, VP of Simulation Administration for Jump Simulation in Peoria, IL and Chair of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Technology Committee recently wrote in to share about a the “first-of-its-kind” engineering design challenge later this year. The program invites bioengineering students to pair up with simulation practitioners and other innovators to find solutions to current problems in health care simulation. SSH and Jump will run a pilot Design Challenge in collaboration with the University of Illinois College of Engineering in Urbana-Champaign on April 21st at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. Software company, Autodesk has graciously stepped up to help us facilitate and market this event. The group is asking the greater simulation community to suggest problems engineers can help us tackle. Here’s the full article submitted by Paul:

As the Vice President of Simulation Administration for Jump Simulation, a part of OSF Innovation, there’s one thing I know for certain that can help simulation centers enhance, improve or redesign simulation as we know it: and that’s through collaboration with industries we normally wouldn’t expect to partner with in health care. For Jump, that collaboration has been with student and professional engineers, medical visualization specialists, software developers and medical and industrial design students working with clinicians to not only come up with ideas for task trainers but to also develop concepts to improve health care delivery.

The Origination for the Design Challenge

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The SSH Design Challenge is modeled on similar events conducted in non-health care disciplines, such as engineering, software development, systems integration and industrial design. Many universities and corporate sponsors host design challenge events, however, none have been developed to date for the design of solutions in health care simulation. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsor similar design challenges as does the private not-for-profit, VentureWell.  These organizations offer a regional and national, staged competition. 

The SSH program will consist of regional, short duration events where self-formed teams of bioengineering students, simulation practitioners and other innovators come together in a learning-through-doing social environment. Teams will be asked to design, innovate and create solutions to a current problem in health care simulation practice. Feedback and judging of the teams and the innovations they create will occur, along with mentorship and shared learning.

The goal is to run a national challenge this fall across the country and present the finalists at next year’s International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH).

“Fresh Sets of Eyes”

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We believe this competition presents a variety of opportunities for the simulation community. First and foremost, SSH and Jump believe this design competition provides an outstanding opportunity for fresh sets of eyes and minds to help solve our most difficult challenges.

We also expect the Challenges to lead to more technology and innovation being incorporated into SSH programming, new SSH members from the engineering industry, engagement from other groups that might otherwise refrain from participating in the SSH, new vendors and additional corporate support, a pipeline for information to flow to vendors on new products and innovations and potential future employees for simulation manufacturers.

We anticipate our Design Challenge could be just as significant and popular as other industry design competitions in a short time, drawing attention from the best and brightest students around the country. It’s an opportunity that could eventually be expanded to Europe and the Asia Pacific Region as the program grows. Stay tuned to SSH Connect and the Jump Simulation blog for details on this effort.

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