December 19, 2017By Lance Baily

UAB Hosts Plethora of Healthcare Simulation Workshops in 2018

The University of Alabama at Birmingham recently shared about their 2018 simulation training workshops, covering a range of useful topics throughout the year including an introduction to simulation, building your simulation toolkit, poverty simulation facilitator training, and biosafety worker training.

UAB’s Simulation Team are on a mission to embed simulation-based techniques and tools in education and training for the UAB community to improve patient care outcomes, education, research and health system efficiency — with the vision to dramatically improve learning, patient outcomes and efficiency at UAB and become an international leader in applying simulation to education, training, patient care delivery and research. You can tell they really mean it with the helpful newsletters, workshops, and resources they are developing to help other healthcare simulation programs succeed as much as they have! In fact — we’d say they have one of the best simulation websites we’ve seen!

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Upcoming 2018 UAB Simulation Workshop Conferences:

Introduction to Simulation: This introductory three day course is designed for all faculty and staff who are interested in using simulation as a teaching tool for improving clinical practice. This course focuses on the foundations of simulation, as well as strategies for designing interprofessional scenarios and conducting effective debriefings. Participants will have the opportunity to design and implement realistic scenarios for an interprofessional group, practice facilitating structured and meaningful debriefings, and learn an evidence based framework for implementing procedural simulation.

Date Time Location: May 2—4, 2018 8am – 5pm Quarterback Tower, 3rd Floor
Cost: $1,750 per person or $1,575 per person two or more participants from the same institution (10% discount)
Course fee includes breakfast, lunch, and refreshments each day plus one evening reception

Building Your Simulation Toolkit: This one-day conference provides an opportunity for attendees to participate in break-out sessions and workshops focused on customizing and building their simulation toolkit. Morning break-out sessions will be offered on a variety of topics including debriefing, the role of the ESP, administrative and operations basics, and moulage. Afternoon sessions include workshops focused on debriefing, procedural simulation, in situ simulation, and other innovative delivery methods. Breakfast, lunch, and an evening reception are included in this one-day conference.

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Date Time Location: April 5, 2018 8am – 5pm UAB National Alumni Society House
Cost: Non-UAB/External registrants – $300

Poverty Simulation Facilitator Training:
The Poverty Simulation originated in Missouri with the Missouri Association for Community Action. Each simulation can accommodate 80 students who are divided into pre-determined families with the goal of making it through a month of working and paying bills while facing the challenges of a low-income family. Each simulation also includes 25 volunteers who act as service providers such as daycare workers, employment office personnel, pawn shop workers, school teachers, and healthcare workers. The simulation is divided into four fifteen-minute segments, each representing a week of the month. Special training is required for anyone who wishes to be able to facilitate the Poverty Simulation. UAB has been given permission by the Missouri Community Action Council to hold a facilitator training course in Birmingham on April 6th. Anyone completing this training will be allowed to borrow a kit from another institution and facilitate the simulation with their own set of learners. This one-day training includes instructions on how to facilitate the simulation and an opportunity to participate in the simulation as a learner. Breakfast and lunch are included in the cost as well.

Date Time Location: April 6, 2018 8am – 4pm UAB National Alumni Society House
Cost: $50

Deep South Biosafety Worker Training Program: Biosafety and Infectious Disease Operations: Health and Safety Essentials for Health Care Workers and First Responders
In this half-day course, participants will demonstrate biosafety knowledge and practical hands-on skills used to protect workers when responding to infectious disease threats. Using the most recent guidance on PPE, participants will receive feedback on proper donning and doffing techniques that can reduce exposure to infectious agents.

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast the utilization and benefits of PPE available
  • Demonstrate the ability to choose appropriate PPE for selected pathogens
  • Don and doff appropriate low output PPE for Ebola Virus Disease using a PPE checklist
  • Evaluate adherence to the low output checklist and ability to don and doff PPE without being contaminated

Date Time Location: April 6, 2018 8am – 12pm Margaret Cameron Spain Auditorium
Cost: Due to grant funding, there is no charge for this course!

Learn more about the 2018 UAB Simulation Workshops here!

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