SimUTrach from SimUCare Allows for Simulated Tracheostomy Training on Standardized Patients | IMSH 2016 Interview

tracheostomy trainer

Another great video interview from HealthySim’s video series covering the exhibit hall floor of IMSH 2016, this time covering the Tracheostomy Trainer “SimUTrach” from SimUCare. This amazing innovative product allows healthcare simulation programs to add realistic tracheostomy care training onto real standardized patient experiences! Be sure to watch the video below to see how it all works! The company also provides wearable overlays for catheder insertion and IV sticks!

About SimUCare:

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SimUCare provides simulated patient education and simulation facilitation training while using live, simulated patients to maintain realism and simulation devices specifically designed to elevate the simulated experiences. By enhancing the training process we provide the best fidelity possible and give the healthcare learners the most realistic environment in which to practice.

About SimUTrach:

A wearable tracheostomy care overlay system. The SimUtrach is a wearable chest overlay that represents a patient who has a tracheostomy. The learner can perform simulations that include tracheostomy assessment and care (non-ventilated) on the SP wearing the device. When the learner performs the procedure in a way that would hurt or cause discomfort to a real patient, the SP is alerted with a light vibration on their shoulder to react as a real patient would. Diverse skin tones and female model are planned for this device.

Visit SimUCare’s website to learn more today!

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