April 15, 2016By Lance Baily

Simulation Champions Provides Laerdal SimMan Ankle Fix


Happy Friday Sim champs! Today we share a note from Michael Anderson, Medical Simulation Specialist at Robeson Community College, who wrote in this little fix for the Laerdal SimMan (or other older Vital Sim products):

Want a simple fix for the Laerdal Manikin/Simulator Ankle to create stability and longevity? The ankle has a thin area that can sometimes break and so this is a great and inexpensive fix. We used the tubing off of a well-used central line trainer to create the sleeve/grommet.

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  1. First off unscrew the bolt that holds the ankle to the leg, and set to the side.
  2. Next cut the tubing to the length that will fit inside of the ankle and the bolt.
  3. Lube the tubing and ankle whole and insert the tubing through the whole.
  4. Replace the foot to the leg and inset the bolt through the leg, ankle, tubing and tighten.
  5. You now have a nice and snug ankle that will articulate nicely!


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