November 18, 2010By Lance Baily

Upgrade Incentive: Your Simman 2G towards a 3G

Press Release Key Points from Laerdal:

  • 2G Systems no longer being sold and will be replaced by Simman Essential.
  • Turn in your old 2G towards the cost of a new 3G!

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Laerdal has been at the cutting edge of healthcare education since the launch of Resusci Anne® which revolutionized CPR training. The introduction of SimMan in 2001 set another landmark in the company’s history by creating high quality simulation training solutions. With over 6,000 currently in use, SimMan has become the world’s most widely used advanced Patient Simulator, a key success story in Laerdal’s 50 year history of creating innovative educational solutions.

Evolving educational needs coupled with the availability of advanced technologies have made it possible to deliver quality learning experiences across multiple disciplines in the healthcare community. Laerdal’s new SimMan Essential, built on the 3G platform, is designed to meet new challenges to facilitate the now growing demand for in situ and multi-disciplinary team training. Wireless, networkable and greatly enhanced with clinical features and services, SimMan Essential and SimMan 3G provide a comprehensive mobile simulation solution.

As one door closes another door opens. In this spirit, Laerdal is confident that SimMan Essential will continue the legacy of SimMan, further increasing the use of this most valued training methodology in support of the company’s long-held mission – helping save lives.

Have you seen the Sim Man Essential in person yet? Leave a reply and let us know your thoughts!

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