December 30, 2015By Lance Baily

Justification Support for Purchasing Blue Phantom Ultrasound Trainers from CAE Healthcare

Saw this interesting post by CAE Healthcare today helping us make the justification for Blue Phantom Ultrasound  trainers!

ultrasound justification

Justification Excerpt:

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Performance results after practicing FAST exams on a simulator

Simulation has been used to enhance clinical education in a diverse range of medical uses, including FAST exams. Upon completion of FAST exam training, learners are expected to exhibit mastery in the ability to accurately diagnose the presence of free fluid, acquire an adequate window to do so, and identify both the free fluid and the window when given a single ultrasound scan.

When compared to practice within a traditional classroom, learners who used an ultrasound reported improved performance in major areas, including:

  1. Acquisition of window quadrants/anatomical and diagnostic interpretation
  2. Identification of windows related to probe position
  3. Time required to acquire a window (time-to-scan)

Overall, the general effectiveness of simulator practice is strong. Studies show that learners achieve improved diagnostic interpretation and they self-report positive perceptions of their experience when training with a FAST simulator.*

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Get the full justification on the CAE Healthcare blog!

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