December 17, 2015By Lance Baily

Virtual Simulation Mining – An Important Tool for Recruitment

recruitment via simulation

Following this week’s trend of sharing awesome simulation content available via LinkedIn, today I am sharing a post by Stan Rolfe on how a mining company he works with uses virtual simulation to demonstrate real life working conditions to potential recruits. I think almost every career should have a virtual reality demonstration so that potential learners have the opportunity to experience the job “first person” before they start down the educational path. How many new nurses have dropped out within the first year because they just didn’t know the job wasn’t for them? Almost any career path has this dropoff which is a perfect opportunity for simulation to come in and demonstrate more of the realities of the position ahead of time.

Article Abstract:

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Our experience was that between 35 – 40% of people new to the underground mining world quit within their first 3 months. That’s a lot of people, and it was/is costing us a lot of money both in recruitment, and lost revenue through lower production outputs. The reasons are many and varied and currently being captured through exit surveys.

We couldn’t take people to an underground mine, so we needed to bring the mine to them. The most effective way of doing this was through virtual simulation (Oculus being the current hardware we are using). The purpose is to provide people some insight into the underground mining environment and opt out of the process.

This was not about attracting more people through the use of cool new technologies. It is about giving applicants a realistic experience so they would self select out of the recruitment process.

Read the full article here and then learn more about the simulation resources available on LinkedIn!

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