April 9, 2011By Lance Baily

Why you should hire Medical Simulation Design

*Medical Simulation Design has now closed its doors, you can now reach Jane through PerformImprove.com or you can email Kristy here*

Medical Simulation Design may very well have been the best-kept secret in the Healthcare Simulation industry.  Jane Kleinman and Kristy Chambers have traveled the world developing simulation programs from Kaiser Permanente in San Jose to Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi.

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No matter if you are starting a new program, designing a new lab, or educating clinical trainers – you need to learn more about Medical Simulation Design!

Medical Simulation Design is a company that specializes in the design of simulation programs, design of physical space, ongoing operations, and faculty development training. The company’s principals are Jane Kleinman and Kristy Chambers. Jane is an RN and former “recovering administrator” who became interested in Simulation whilst working at Providence Healthcare in 2002. Kristy, a former director of a nursing program, and labor and delivery nurse, joined Laerdal in 2003, where she specialized in scenario design programming.

Kristy from Med Sim DesignIn 2006 when Jane also joined Laerdal, she met Kristy and the two quickly became friends. At this time medical simulation technology was an emerging science in the healthcare industry.

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While Jane and Kristy connected over a mutual interest and commitment for the use of simulation in medical education, they realized that many simulation program faculty lacked an understanding of the educational methodologies necessary to support the new technology. As well, Kristy has a master in Nursing Education and Jane a master in Organizational Management.

Jane from MedSimDesign.com

Thus in 2007 Jane and Kristy formed Medical Simulation Design to provide support for simulation labs and centers to help them develop programs that fully integrate all aspects of immersive-based training. Jane and Kristy have traveled around the world providing quality consultation to new simulation programs seeking current best practices.

As a participant in several of their training sessions, I can attest to their value and relevance.

One strength of Medical Simulation Design is their ability to inspire interest in simulation from reluctant faculty. Jane and Kristy primarily focus on explaining the benefits and the process of simulation methodology. Their workshops are easy to follow even for faculty who have limited ability in technology. They support faculty and understand that change is not always easy. They clearly explain the reasons for investing the time and money into immersive-based learning and why experiential learning is superior to “talk-throughs” or already established skills-based test taking?

In addition, Medical Simulation Design can walk your program through all the steps necessary to get a program up and running. From designing a simulation lab space to aiding in the selection of appropriate equipment, and from developing staffing structure to policy and procedure documentation – Jane and Kristy can do it all.

In 2010, three Nevada health education schools (UNLV School of Nursing, NSC School of Nursing and UN’s School of Medicine) combined their resources to create a redesigned and shared space that became known as the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas. Prior to the new partnership, each of the schools had left the use of immersive-based learning to individual faculty. While there was varying degrees of success, the Center now was able to offer dedicated staff and space to be shared by all three schools that required a standardization of policies and procedures regarding simulation use.

Medical Simulation Design was contracted to help administration, faculty and staff to understand the crucial importance of a collaboratively designed and structured system for effective simulation. Jane and Kristy then shared best practices for collaborative scenario development, managing simulation operations as a facilitator, and the critical component of embracing and understanding the debriefing process. Faculty also came to understand that simulation activities need to be planned in advance so that staff and technicians have adequate time to prepare support materials such as MARs and simulated medications.

Our combined Simulation Center faculty were thrilled with the training they received, especially the hands-on debriefing sessions. The faculty came to understand that the debriefing process is the most important portion of immersive-based learning, which encourages learners to self-reflect and self-educate thus providing powerful learning opportunities.

The team from Medical Simulation Design accomplished training in debriefing by running simulation events with live learners. This provided educators with an opportunity to act in the moment, much like the immersive-based learning environment that they require of for their own students. During debriefings, Jane or Kristy acted as a ‘co-debriefers’ modeling effective debriefing techniques. Jane and Kristy also recorded the debriefings and reviewed them with the educators to provide constructive feedback. While recording the debriefings they also marked real-time performance measures to literally show educators their progress after just one day of training. This is the same process that is modeled back to the learners for their own learning experiences.

All of this guides educators to the “aha” moment of debriefing magic, when learners come together and self-educate without being “told”. And since this is precisely what immersive-based learning is designed to achieve for learners, isn’t it just as crucial your educators have the same opportunity? Without it, simulation is just very, very expensive lecture animation.

Jane and Kristy and Medical Simulation Design don’t just tell us how to succeed in immersive-based simulation; they show us so that we can.

*Medical Simulation Design has now closed its doors, you can now reach Jane through PerformImprove.com or you can email Kristy here*

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