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July 11, 2022

Healthcare Simulation Mentorship and Facilitator, Faculty Development

While healthcare simulation education and training can greatly benefit learners within the clinical simulation industry, those with great knowledge of the field and the methods and operations involved can also be of great value. This is why healthcare simulation mentorship among facilitators and faculty is a resource that should be encouraged. Through clinical simulation mentorship, [...]

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January 10, 2022

Leveling Up on Prelicensure Learners Telehealth Healthcare Simulations

Clinical simulation education and training have proven to greatly increase patient safety across medical treatment facilities. For this to happen, prelicensure baccalaureate nursing learners must receive skills training and competency check-offs to ensure adequate care of patients as they continue through the curricula. To certify that these skills are met, nursing learners are typically evaluated [...]

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September 28, 2021

Significant Reduction in Malpractice Claims After Medical Simulation Training

Healthcare simulation and the practice’s related benefits cannot be denied. The growing demands for clinical spaces for those in the healthcare discipline are evident in nursing programs and medical schools. Healthcare simulation reaches far beyond the use for learners and expands to credentialed personnel as a way to refresh, increase confidence, and validate essential skills [...]

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August 31, 2021

Covid 2.0: Is Your Clinical Simulation Program Ready?

The transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic forced a reimagining of many clinical simulation programs. Just when the worst was seemingly behind, the COVID-19 delta variant emerged. This variant has proven more contagious than other variants and is wreaking havoc on the younger generation, in contrast to the alpha variant, which heavily affected [...]

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