December 9, 2014By Lance Baily

Magnum Services Provides Realistic Additions to Military and Casualty Simulations

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Looking for Trauma Simulation Services in the US or UK? Magnum Services adds realism to Casualty Simulation (CAS SIM) training through professional amputee actors and makeup specialists. Their actors have many years of experience including being featured in film and television. By utilizing the unique combination of realistic prosthetics and expert CAS SIM effects, Magnum Services role players expertly and appropriately use their skills, experiences and simulated injuries to mimic the emotions and actions of a casualty, resulting in realistic and very definitive clinical training delivery!

Magnum Services Provides:

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Moulage Makeup: We use professional, trained makeup artists who have years of experience. All our makeup is used in films and TV and is the same they use in Hollywood. It is washable so it doesn’t stain uniforms and can wash off the skin easily.

Simulation: We specialize in providing realistic military and medical training through high quality casualty simulation using trained and professional makeup artistes as well as skilled and experienced amputee actors.

Actors: All of our actors are skilled and trained in a variety of scenarios from the ‘unseen’ injuries to the traumatic amputation. They are skilled in performing both physical and emotional symptoms for each role presented.

Experience: The directors of the company have combined over 10 years of experience working with the British armed forces as well as with the German and American forces on tri-service exercises in Germany. We have also worked with emergency services over the years

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Casualty Simulation Specialists:

Our capabilities of Casualty Simulation (Cas Sim) effects range from the un-obvious and not visible to the physical and traumatic injuries such as:

  • Primary health care simulation – rashes, blisters, bites and shock
  • Closed/healing wounds including lacerations, bruising and scarring Infected and necrotic wounds
  • Head and facial injuries, including avulsions and abrasions Fractures, both open and closed
  • Amputations, partial and full
  • Catastrophic hemorrhaging
  • Perineal and pelvic injuries
  • Abdominal and chest injuries; including sucking chest wounds (pneumothorax) and eviscerations
  • Blunt trauma, de-gloving injuries and entrapment injuries
  • Ballistic injuries, such as; gunshot wounds, blast injuries, fragmentation wounds and large cavity wounds
  • Burns (1st, 2nd & 3rd degree) superficial, partial and full thickness
  • Bioterrorism, such as; Chemical, Biological, radiation and nuclear (CBRN) and other toxins and plagues

Learn more about these Simulation Training Services at the Magnum Services Website!

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