June 26, 2019By Lance Baily

How To Paint Realistic Silicone Skin: Online Moulage Course from Stan Winston School

The Stan Winston School is the world’s premiere online destination for learning the art & technology of character creation from Award-winning Hollywood professionals. Recently Ilana Sloggatt shared with us some courses which she feels provide moulage training opportunities to our medical simulation community, starting with “How To Paint Realistic Silicone Skin – Silicone Painting Techniques” from Creature Effects Master Tim Gore (Hellboy, Fantastic Four, Jurassic Park 2). The course teaches the secret to hyper-realistic silicone painting, which could help simulation operators find new ways of creating realistic patient simulator scenarios. Below is also a discount to receive 30% off any purchase from The Stan Winston website good until July 12th!

About the Stan Winston School

Stan Winston School is the world’s premiere online destination for learning the art & technology of character creation from Award-winning industry professionals. Creating compelling characters requires a vast range of skills and techniques, from big budget cinematic approaches to DIY methods you can use in your garage or home workshop. With 500+ hours of On-Demand video instruction to choose from, Students can purchase our courses individually or subscribe to gain instant, anytime access to their entire library. They also offer Live Online Courses, providing Students with the opportunity to connect with their faculty in real-time, and even earn a Stan Winston School Certificate! If you’re an artist or technician who wants to learn from the best, welcome to SWSCA!

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For over 40 years, the name Stan Winston has been synonymous with iconic fantasy characters, including the killer cyborgs of The TERMINATOR series, the extraterrestrial monstrosities of ALIENS, the alien hunter from the PREDATOR series, the prehistoric giants from the JURASSIC PARK films, and the iconic suits from IRON MAN. By relentlessly pushing the limits of art, technology & imagination, Stan Winston Studio continually set new standards of excellence and innovation for character creators worldwide. After Stan’s untimely passing in 2008, the Winston family founded Stan Winston School of Character Arts to preserve Stan’s legacy by inspiring and fostering creativity in a new generation of character creators. Through connecting the world’s finest artists and technicians with students worldwide, their mission is to empower aspiring artists and technical wizards to push the boundaries of character creation for years to come.

How To Paint Realistic Silicone Skin Course Description

(Reminder: You may void warranty if you paint over your manikins or simulated skins so take care to check with your manufacturer before applying ANY makeup!).

Learn the secret to hyper-realistic silicone painting with Creature FX painter Tim Gore (Hellboy, Fantastic Four, The Lost World: Jurassic Park). Whether you’re new to the craft of creature creation or a working professional, Gore’s approach will help you take your silicone painting skills to an “extreme” level. Course covers: Mixing silicone paint, spattering, airbrushing, mottling & blood and runs almost 6 hours long! Topics in the course covered include: Tools & Materials, Spattering, Highlights & Shadows, Airbrushing, Mottling, Clear Coating, Q&A and more!

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Additional Courses from Stan Winston That Could Be Used in Healthcare Simulation

Your Simulation Lab could benefit from these moulage training courses:

Out Of The Kit Makeup Effects: Academy Award-winning makeup artist Joel Harlow (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, STAR TREK, PLANET OF THE APES) teaches you how to create effective “Out-of-the-Kit” character makeups using generic prosthetics and a range of standard makeup supplies. Demonstrating two distinct characters, a “disguise” makeup and an elegant alien, Harlow shows you how to make the most out of the least.

Tattoo Makeup A-Z – Cover, Create & Apply: Learn tattoo makeup techniques from A-to-Z with Academy Award-winning tattoo effects innovator, Christien Tinsley (American Horror Story, I Am Legend, No Country for Old Men). Tinsley shares everything you ever wanted to know about body illustration for film, television, and theater, from covering real tattoos and creating a custom fake tattoo, all the way to final application and removal.

Prosthetic Makeup Basics – Gelatin Facial Appliances – Part 1: In PART ONE of his 2-Part Prosthetic Makeup Basics course series, Rob Burman (STAR TREK, THE THING, THE FLY) unveils the secrets for creating translucent gelatin makeup appliances. Using foundational, cost-effective techniques, Burman takes you through the first steps in executing your makeup transformation, including alginate facial life-casting, sculpting a prosthetic onto a stone positive, and making a mold that is ready for gelatin casting.

How To Lifecast: Head, Hands & Teeth: In this How to Life-Cast tutorial by special effects character creator Mark Viniello, you’ll learn life-casting techniques such as taking a hand cast with Alginate, head casting with silicone, creating the plaster bust positive, and how to cast teeth with Alginate. Capturing a human being can be a dirty job. But every Monster Maker needs to know how to do it. And do it like the Pros.

Painting Prosthetic Makeup Appliances – Foam Latex & Silicone: Learn how to prep, seam, patch & paint foam latex and silicone prosthetic makeup appliances with Makeup FX master Bruce Spaulding Fuller (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, PREDATOR 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS) — including bonus tips on painting resin and Flexacryl. This in-depth course continues our Hag Series of Prosthetic Character Makeup courses, from initial designs and life-casting, to sculpture, molding, running, painting and finally, application!

Latex Mask Painting Techniques: Two of Hollywood’s top creature effects artists, Tim Gore (Hellboy, Fantastic Four, The Lost World: Jurassic Park) and Casey Love (Predators, The Thing, Resident Evil: Extinction), team up to share 40 years of combined latex mask painting experience. Whether you’re a novice or already know how to paint a monster mask, this in-depth and entertaining exploration of professional painting techniques is not to be missed.

Check out the Realistic Silicone Skin Course from Stan Winston School Here!

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