June 24, 2014By Lance Baily

Lap-X Surgical Simulator IMSH 2014 Video Interview

lapx surgical simulator

The LAP-X was on hand at IMSH 2014 where I had the chance to engage with this highly realistic yet still very affordable surgical simulator. What’s easy to see is just how compact and mobile this training system is — and with a variety of course content, debriefing capabilities and realistic engagements, this is definitely something to check out! Watch my video interview below to learn more.

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More about the LAP-X from the Epona Website:

LAP-X is a laparoscopic surgical simulator. It provides easy accessible minimally invasive surgery simulation training for medical professionals at low-cost. It is designed for surgical residents, physicians, and operating room assistants to exercise laparoscopy skills training in medical schools/universities, hospitals and skills centers. LAP-X delivers simulation training for various surgical specialties such as General Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Pediatric Surgery, and Gastrointestinal Surgery. LAP-X simulator for laparoscopy has four different system platforms in order to fulfill different requirements of healthcare professionals: LAP-X Hybrid, LAP-X VR, LAP-X Box pro, and LAP-X Box.

The advantages of the LAP-X are as follows:

  • LAP-X is intuitive to use, the software and hardware are self-explanatory and does not need third-party guidance.
  • LAP-X uses real surgical instruments to narrow the gap to reality.
  • LAP-X updates its new virtual reality exercises and modules free within license period.
  • LAP-X provides great services with software and hardware guarantee.
  • LAP-X is the most affordable laparoscopic training simulator on the market.
  • LAP-X is the lightest and most portable laparoscopic simulator.

Watch this official LAP-X gall bladder removal video to see the graphic interface in action:

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Learn more about the Lap-X here!

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