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Latest Clinical Simulation News From Around the World | October 2022

Helping healthcare simulation educators, administrators, and learners to stay up-to-date on industry topics, HealthySimulation.com finds and shares relevant news and information from around the world. This news includes virtual reality simulation partnership information, clinical simulation research, examples of healthcare simulation uses across education, and more. Together, these industry updates help paint a picture of where the healthcare simulation industry is presently, and where the industry is headed as the scope of clinical simulation practice expands. Below are some of the world’s latest clinical simulation updates as of October 2022.

Teleflex Partners with FundamentalVR to Enhance Training through VR Simulation

According to Surgical Robots Technology, Teleflex has announced a new agreement with FundamentalVR, a world leader in virtual reality (VR) integration for medical simulation. The agreement will provide Teleflex with a VR training platform to accelerate the effective use of the company’s UroLift 2 System. The press release states that, by leveraging the capabilities of FundamentalVR’s Fundamental Surgery platform, Teleflex aims to increase access and standardization of clinical training of the UroLift 2 System in the United States and around the world, including Japan, where the UroLift 2 System was recently approved for use.

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Apply for the Sentinel U Nursing Simulation Research Grant

The Sentinel U Nursing Simulation Research Grant (SUNSRG): Advanced Practice Series is an opportunity to research how virtual simulations can improve learning outcomes for nurse practitioners, physician assistants/associates, and medical student learners. Simulationists are encouraged to submit their proposal, and if one is selected, Dr. Laura Gonzalez will personally mentor the grant recipient in producing research that will contribute to nursing science and education, and may even be eligible for publication!

Veterinary Training with Canine Intubation Head

A canine intubation head has been developed by Erler-Zimmer to offer a realistic dog head for practicing endotracheal intubation procedures and techniques. The tongue is flexible and the teeth are made of hard plastic, so a toothed spreader can also be used, and epiglottis and soft palate are present. The head is mounted on a tripod that is designed in such a way that you can intubate in an upright as well as in a lying (supine) position. Further, the stand also offers a success check if the intubation is carried out correctly, with a clamp included in the scope of delivery to offer a firm stand. (Pricing in the link contains the 19% VAT – meaning that the price is 19% less.)

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Canine Intubation Head

SimGHOSTS Announces Affiliation with The Sim Café Podcasts

SimGHOSTS announced a new media partnership with The Sim Café Podcasts. The Sim Café Podcasts are discussions on innovative ideas for simulation and reimagining the use of simulation in medical education. The podcasts discuss current trends in simulation with healthcare simulation thought leaders from across the globe and are hosted by Deb Tauber, MSN, RN, CHSE, CEN, the founder and CEO of Innovative SimSolutions. The goal of the partnership is to promote each respective entity and their endeavors amongst relevant networks and wider communities through a variety of routes, to share and develop new knowledge, and more.

Houston Methodist Enters Metaverse with Launch of New MITIEverse App

Medical and scientific learners can access hands-on practice, remote assistance from experienced clinicians, and more within the MITIEverse, a new app devoted to healthcare education, training, and innovation. Built-in partnership with FundamentalVR, the app transports the user into customizable showcase rooms, surgical simulations, and lectures from Houston Methodist faculty and collaborators from across the world. The platform also offers a virtual auditorium where medical professionals from around the world can give presentations with the capability of unlimited live viewing. Virtual study spaces allow for global multi-user experiences with interactive models, whiteboards, and other tools.

Virtual Simulation Research Published on Postpartum Hemorrhage Management

Titled, “Comparative satisfaction and effectiveness of virtual simulation and usual supervised work for postpartum hemorrhage management: a crossover randomized controlled trial,” a new research study aimed to compare the satisfaction and effectiveness of virtual simulation with usual supervised work in producing knowledge and satisfaction. According to the researchers, the two-center two-stage crossover randomized controlled trial included student midwives. One group underwent the virtual simulation intervention in the first period (January 2018) and the usual supervised classroom work in the second (May 2018); the other group followed the reverse chronology. They reported that satisfaction was the primary outcome, with a secondary outcome being knowledge of the PPH management algorithm, assessed by responses to a case vignette after each intervention session.

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Touch-Screen Table Allows Learners to Perform ‘Virtual Dissections’

According to Clemson News, Clemson learners can now experience hands-on anatomy and physiology education through a partnership between the Clemson School of Nursing and Clemson Libraries. This partnership helped implement a touch-screen “virtual dissection table” – called an Anatomage Table. The table belongs to the School of Nursing, and the partnership to host the table in the Scholars’ Lab will make the technology more accessible and available to learners and faculty across the University.

Survey: Healthcare Workers’ Knowledge and Attitude Toward Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Global Survey

According to research published by Cureus, telemedicine has an increasingly pivotal role in enabling medical professionals to extend the provision of care to patients facing geographical barriers. The study shares that the benefits of telemedicine have become more apparent during the coronavirus pandemic and that to maximize its application, ascertaining the understanding and attitudes of healthcare professionals toward its use is crucial. As such, this study aimed to collect data and evaluate the current knowledge and perceptions of medical staff toward the use of telemedicine.

Totum – The Future of Surgical Training

Inovus Medical has dismantled the barriers between trainees, mentors, and data to take a holistic approach to surgical training with natural haptics with their latest innovation – Totum. According to the company, this milestone in Inovus Medical’s story is set to change surgical training in a way never achieved before. Now, simulation learners can get instant access to objective performance metrics in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. They can track their progress and tailor their training to focus on the skills and procedures that will make the biggest impact.

Reimagining The Operating Room of The Future with Robotics

According to the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, in the U.S. alone, individuals can expect to undergo, on average, seven surgical operations over their lifetimes. HIT Consultant Media reports that robotic platforms will soon create digital twins of surgical procedures, building simulation platforms for surgical trainees that allow them to “rehearse” different scenarios in surgery. The outlet shares that this provides a safe way to learn how to operate before ever putting patients under the knife. “Using the power of digital twins, hospitals, operating rooms, humans and health can be simulated to deliver improved personalized healthcare.”

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