December 16, 2013By Lance Baily

Simubleed by Spectra Takes Moulage Blood to a HyperRealistic Level

Wow! Check out the next level of moulage bleeding with this new blood product “Simubleed” from Spectra!


From the Simubleed website: “With Simubleed 1000, Spectra Group has developed an advanced blood simulant that possesses the color and viscosity of human blood and also clots in the presence of a specialty laminate similar to those used by the military personnel in the field. The gauze laminate has been especially designed to work with SimuBleed 1000 and induce clotting upon coming into contact with the gauze. Simubleed 1000 is a completely synthetic blood simulant, with NO animal or biological content. it is bio-hazard FREE, stable (unlimited shelf life), and does not require special transport or storage, which also makes it cost-efficient. “

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Simubleed Properties:

  • Dark red color, which is an excellent color match for venous blood
  • Rheology and flow profile close to human blood (more viscous than water)
  • Clots quickly in the presence of the special gauze laminate (although slower, clots in presence of air as well)
  • Can flow through narrow and wide passages (as those found in Laerdal Manikins)
  • Once it dries, it becomes “flaky”, just like dried blood
  • Unlimited shelf life. No special storage or transportation required Safe and easy to clean.
  • No biological or hazardous components
  • Inexpensive “Metallic” smell (optional)
  • Brighter color to simulate arterial blood can be accommodated upon request

realistic blood moulage

What about use with Medical Simulation Manikins?

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From the website: “SimuBleed 1000 has been tested on Laerdal Mannequins embedded with a bleeding simulator containing narrow and wider passages to simulate, realistically, venous and oozing bleeding. Since personnel needs to be trained to stop bleeding and conduct hemorrhage control as quickly as possible, the coagulation properties of SimuBleed 1000 allows trainees to have a real feel as to how quickly one must respond and how long it takes for a given wound to stop bleeding. Once the laminate gauze is applied to the wound, coagulation of the blood simulant begins until the bleeding stops.”

simulated blood

Have you used Simubleed? I would want to confirm that the blood does not clot WITHIN the manikin, making it tricky to restart tubes within the high fidelity systems. I have an email out to learn more about the use of the product within mankins — but kudos to Spectra for already experimenting the blood within medical simulation technology!

12/26/13 *UPDATE* A Spectra representative got back to me regarding my question: “My question is about clotting of the blood WITHIN the manikin tubes – how is this prevented, or “restarted” ? We have heard nightmares of internal arm tubes becoming useless after other blood products were left inside and coagulated — so I am just curious how far the tests went with Simubleed and the Laerdal manikin?”

“Regarding your question about the clotting within the manikin. Our simulant can exhibiting clotting in only 2 ways: One is when it comes in contact with the specialty gauze. The second one way that can induce clotting of SimuBleed is if the simulant is left on the manikin with air exposure for several days. We have left SimuBleed on our Laerdal manikin, with all the lines close, and have not observed any clotting or clogging of the lines. ”

Learn More at the Simubleed webpage!

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