May 31, 2021By Lance Baily Provides Comprehensive Medical Video Library is a leading healthcare education platform with an audience of millions of current and future healthcare professionals, including clinical simulationists, and their patients and family members. The organization’s vision is to create a more caring world by developing the most caring people. To achieve this, Osmosis offers easy-to-digest videos and tools that help learners study more strategically, at their own pace.

Benefits of the Osmosis learning experience are that the platform is mobile for on-the-go studying and has an offline mode. The software provides high-yield notes to easily find information a learner is looking for. There are also case questions to master the material, group study discussions, sharing capabilities and flashcards powered by spaced repetition — to help learners retain more study material for longer periods of time. Overall, the web and mobile application makes medical education more efficient through:

  • Consolidation of the best available educational content like videos, practice questions and articles into a single learning environment
  • Providing tools for learners to write, share and curate their own practice questions and content; and by
  • Using advanced learning science to deliver this content so that learners can absorb, retain and employ it as easily as possible.

By integrating different kinds of content, like videos, USMLE-style practice questions, memory anchors and reference articles, Osmosis makes content stickier and helps learners prepare simultaneously for class exams, board exams, and clinical practice. It also helps them crowdsource their own content and materials for more engaged, active, and collaborative learning.

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Designed to help learners further prepare and stay on track, covering all the right material at an optimal pace, Osmosis provides a study schedule. To use the schedule, learners will answer a few short questions about their timeline and goals. They can even get automated recommendations with relevant videos, practice questions and flashcards based on the learner’s study schedule for that day.

In the time needed to make a cup of coffee, Osmosis will automatically build you a personalized and optimized study schedule for USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX-USA Level 1. This eliminates learners having to wonder what they should review and when to do it. Most learners choose a study schedule of six months, 10 weeks, or four months, but they can enter a timeline as short as 30 days.

When beginning to use the Osmosis platform, the organization’s website will ask a learner to select an area of study. For example, learners can select from options including medicine (MD), medicine (OF), physician assistant (PA), nurse practitioner (NP), registered nurse (RN), dentistry, pharmacy or “other healthcare professional.”

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Osmosis can be used independently and in group settings. Independently, a learner can access the comprehensive library of videos, questions, flashcards, memory anchors and reference articles, in addition to their own personal workspace and customized study schedule. To ensure that partners, learners and faculty are able to have the best learning experience possible, Osmosis faculty reviewers work closely with the organization’s content team. They help to oversee that the content produced by Osmosis is accurate, engaging, effective and reflects current literature. The primary responsibilities for an Osmosis faculty reviewer role relate to serving as a subject matter expert for organization content projects.

Specifically with Osmosis Prime membership, learners gain access to over 1,800 videos with comprehensive coverage of pathology, physiology, pharmacology and clinical reasoning topics. Other prime benefits include:

  • Access to a comprehensive video library that includes over 1600 pathology, physiology, pharmacology and clinical videos. Prime members will also receive access to seven new videos that we release exclusively each week.
  • Over 16,500 Osmosis flashcards, with the power of spaced repetition
  • Over 9,000 Osmosis case questions
  • A customized exam study schedule linked to all of the learner’s study resources
  • Personalized daily reminder emails
  • Integration with SketchyMedical and Picmonic
  • Links to Medscape, First Aid, Wikipedia, YouTube and others
  • Study analytics with recommendations based on the learner’s performance
  • Access to downloaded flashcards and case questions in offline mode
  • Prioritized customer support
  • Discounts on Osmosis swag and partner product

Other Osmosis Resources

As nurses are often working in high-stress environments, they can experience additional stress from outside the workplace and feel even more overwhelmed. The Nursing Resilience course, created by Osmosis in partnership with First Responders First and the Center for Health Worker Innovation, provides nurses with the tools to help manage stress both inside and outside the clinical environment. The course is completely free and is eligible for up to 3.75 contact hours toward continuing education units.

The Osmosis Medical Education Fellow (OMEF) program is a virtual community for learner advocates that want to spread the Osmosis values to their classmates. The organization aims to grow, develop and empower a team of Osmosis leaders to spread the Osmosis culture and values to learners across the globe.

Osmosis Organization History

Founders Ryan Haynes and Shiv Gaglani started building Osmosis as medical students at Johns Hopkins University. Outside of the classroom, they knew there had to be a better way to learn medicine more effectively. What began as a tool to help Haynes, Gaglani and their classmates has transformed into the of today, being a comprehensive platform that helps people around the world understand healthcare more thoroughly.

Today, Osmosis delivers relevant content alongside course documents; generates customizable quizzes; and suggests daily flashcards and questions based on a learner’s curriculum, schedule and quiz-performance history. The organization works to continually improve, adding powerful new features and high-yield material all the time.

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