WISER Video Explains Benefits to Scheduling Simulation

Jennifer Sinclair from the WISER Simulation Center has put together this new video explaining the benefits of scheduling at a medical simulation facility.  Jennifer explains that scheduling:

  1. Efficiently manages daily operations of a medical simulation program.
  2. Reduces double booking of rooms or equipment.
  3. Helps report utilization & statistics of the facility.
  4. Coordinates sometimes chaotic staff schedules.
Watch the video below to learn more tips from Jennifer & WISER:

The Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research (WISER) is a world class multidisciplinary training and research facility. WISER is an institute of the University of Pittsburgh with a mission to conduct research and training programs utilizing simulation based education to provide a safer environment for patients of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and its affiliates.

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Visit the WISER website to learn about scheduling course or other medical simulation based training courses.

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