February 21, 2024By Teresa Gore

WISER’s Simulation Information Management System (SIMS) to Meet Your Healthcare Simulation Needs

The Winter Institute for Simulation, Education, and Research (WISER) is a state-of-the-art simulation training and research facility that serves both the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC. While WISER is dedicated to the advancement of healthcare simulation and education to improve patient safety across the health system, WISER also offer a variety of tools to help simulation centers develop, grow, and manage simulation programs, Simulation Information Management System (SIMS). SIMS was developed in-house by WISER and has been built on 20 years of experience and success through usage at numerous simulation centers across the country. This HealthySimulation.com discusses WISER’s Simulation Information Management System.

WISER Simulation Information Management System (SIMS)

SIMS was originally created to support the physical growth and increased utilization of WISER, but was quickly released publicly to help other centers become more efficient, reduce costs, and optimize the allocation of their resources and staff time. This system was created specifically to address the wants, needs, and pain points of those in the simulation community leading to a streamlined management process. Users can utilize SIMS for a variety of functions, such as creating templates for classes to aid in scheduling, data procurement, and calendar customization. SIMS also empowers both learners and faculty with customized curricula, including presentations, documents, and videos, in addition to assessments and surveys that can capture learning milestones as pre-and-post course work.

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SIMS New Features

Recently, SIMS has added several new features in addition to the already existing world class scheduling, learning management, and reporting tools that are currently available. These new features, relating to enrollment, tagging, and communication, help simulation center staff easily and efficiently manage their simulation program!

With the new update, course administrators can now bulk upload users into SIMS. Whether they are loading a new year’s class of students, or a new hospital department is starting to utilize their program, this feature ensures that the required accounts are quickly added to the system. By uploading a simple spreadsheet with user information, accounts can be automatically created without the risk of creating duplicates.

Additionally, administrators and schedulers now have the option to use customizable event tags that can be applied to individual events. They can choose from dozens of icons and thousands of colors to highlight specific events on their calendar. These tags can be used in a myriad of situations, such as highlighting special needs for an event, billable events, or events that need specific staff, like simulation specialists. With SIMS’s built in reporting and event tags, combined with the existing customizable course categories feature, you can filter, sift, and refine your reports to get just the data you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

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SIMS has also added two new email categories to all the existing automated emails to help keep simulation program staff and their instructors informed regarding events. The first new email will be sent when a user completes an event. This can be sent to instructors or administrators to alert them so that they can do any needed follow-up, such as submit CME documentation or complete other administrative tasks. The second new email gets automatically sent when an event reaches the capacity for learners. When the event is “full,” the program’s staff may need to add an additional event, or complete some other administrative tasks, to accommodate the number of participants that are requesting to enroll. This email allows the program’s staff to easily stay on top of events that learners can auto enroll in while allowing them to adjust as needed.

Another helpful addition to SIMS allows administrators to create custom announcements that appear on the login page as well as the main dashboard. These can be used for items like inclement weather delays or other general information that all users of the system should be aware of. The announcements can be set to automatically appear and be removed on specified dates, ensuring all information that is shared systemwide remains up to date!


SIMS Application for Simulation Programs

These new features, along with the vast capability of SIMS, provide a powerful tool for users managing a medium to large simulation program. This one-stop simulation system allows for a positive experience for the users in all aspects of scheduling, curriculum support, and data reporting. SIMS offers adaptability to accommodate diverse staffing, equipment, and facility layouts, empowering teams to efficiently manage multiple locations and handle requests from anywhere. If you have questions about SIMS or wish to schedule a demonstration, please contact WISER at wiserhelp@upmc.edu.

More About WISER

WISER is a world-class multidisciplinary healthcare simulation training and research facility out of UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. WISER’s mission is to conduct research and training programs utilizing clinical simulation-based education to increase patient safety at the UPMC as well as prepare future healthcare providers at the University of Pittsburgh. WISER is directed by Paul Phrampus, MD, Director, WISER, Medical Director, Patient Safety, who is also a professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine and the Medical Director of Patient Safety for UPMC.

In addition to improving patient safety, the facility is dedicated to the advancement of healthcare simulation and education to promote education, mentorship, systems design, and research to enhance the high-quality delivery of healthcare. To achieve this outcome, WISER works to enhance patient safety through state-of-the-art educational and assessment methodologies and techniques. The facility also creates innovative education programs for healthcare providers ranging from students to practicing professionals.

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