April 26, 2014

SSH LinkedIn Discussion: Do You Charge for Sim Center Tours?

Quick post this weekend to direct your attention to a great conversation taking place in the SSH LinkedIn Discussion group regarding tours of Simulation Spaces. Fritz Sticht, Administrative Director at Behling Simulation Center, asked “we are constantly getting requests for tours and I am wondering how to justify attaching a fee to such requests. [...]

August 27, 2012

Summer "Best of" Re-Cap for Educators

Hey Sim Champs,

Here is a recap of all the best articles from this summer for those of you who were out of the office:

HealthySimAdmin.com launched, which is a broadcasted event to find administrative solutions for the “how-to” of medical simulation, that takes place Oct. 18th & 19th at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Join [...]
August 7, 2012

WISER Video Explains Benefits to Scheduling Simulation

Jennifer Sinclair from the WISER Simulation Center has put together this new video explaining the benefits of scheduling at a medical simulation facility.  Jennifer explains that scheduling:

Efficiently manages daily operations of a medical simulation program. Reduces double booking of rooms or equipment. Helps report utilization & statistics of the facility. Coordinates sometimes chaotic staff schedules. Watch the [...]
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