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Get WISER for Healthcare Simulation Professional Development

The Winter Institute for Simulation, Education, and Research (WISER) is a state-of-the-art simulation training and research facility that serves both the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC. WISER is dedicated to advancing healthcare simulation and education to improve patient safety across the health system. To accomplish this mission, WISER supports several professional development opportunities geared towards simulation specialists, medical educators, clinical faculty, and those wanting to develop their knowledge and skills in providing simulation-based education. This article will highlights the WISER range of professional development opportunities for healthcare professionals at every level of a medical simulation career.

WISER’s Healthcare Simulation Fellowship and Visiting Scholars Preceptorship Program

As a simulation center fully accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), WISER offers these professional development programs to ensure that future generations of healthcare educators interested in simulation-based programs have a solid grasp on simulation best practices. These programs include the WISER Fellowship Program, the Visiting Scholars Program, iSIM, and TechSim.

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The SSH Accredited WISER Fellowship Program offers a 1-to-2-year curriculum that covers the essential aspects of simulation education. For nearly two decades, the world-wide fellows of WISER have worked alongside content matter experts to gain hands-on experience to become leaders in the field of simulation. The Fellowship Program offers mentorship, professional development, and an opportunity to observe and participate in the real-time management of an established simulation center.

In addition to highly individualized content, Fellowship Program participants receive a standard curriculum that includes WISER Foundations, workshops, and course observations. With an established curriculum and a course catalog offering over 500 courses, WISER Fellows can also partake in elective offerings to meet their personally identified goals and objectives for the Fellowship. Most importantly, Fellows meet regularly with center leadership to discuss the development and management of simulation centers, providing them real-world guidance, knowledge, and understanding to be applied when they return to their own simulation centers. Whether Fellows are entirely new to the world of simulation, novices, or are experienced simulationists, the Fellowship Program offers differentiated learning opportunities tailored specifically to each individual’s experience level.


Similarly, WISER’s Visiting Scholars Preceptorship Program is designed for individuals who want to participate in a 1-to-11-month structured program that addresses various topics in the simulation field. The Visiting Scholars Program is perfect for those that have time constraints, but still wish to participate in a structured, individualized curriculum. Content and the program’s complexity increases with each additional month added, which could include the conceptualization, development, and completion of project supported by a WISER mentor.

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Faculty and Staff Development Opportunities

Designed for healthcare educators that want to incorporate simulation-based learning in their curriculum, WISER’s Improving Simulation Instructional Methods (iSIM) course introduces participants to the fundamentals of simulation-based learning. This course offers a hands-on, immersive experience that provides practical instructional skills pertaining to the delivery of simulation-based education.

WISER’s content matter experts teach participants the foundational knowledge of successful simulation, such as scenario design, incorporating assessment tools, and debriefing techniques, ensuring educators are prepared to accurately incorporate simulation activities. This two-day program was a collaborative effort between WISER and the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education (GCRME) at the University of Miami. All iSIM courses WISER offers are approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s).

For simulation operations specialists that are interested in becoming CHSOS, or want to advance their knowledge and professional development, WISER developed the TechSim courses. Based on the SSH CHSOS Examination Blueprint, TechSim educates simulationists on the key tasks associated with the daily operations and maintenance of a simulation center. With online and onsite options, participants can be trained in scenario creation and programming, repair and maintenance, and running simulation sessions. TechSim is eligible for CPD Credits by the SSH for both CHSOS and CHSE certifications.

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar Professional Development for Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists to learn more!

WISER is committed to providing exceptional professional development opportunities to those interested in simulation-based education. The aforementioned programs educate a variety of participants to ensure those creating, running, and supporting simulation-based learning are adequately and appropriately trained. Those interested in the Fellowship and Visiting Scholars Programs can take advantage of WISER’s esteemed partnerships to observe live classes from both the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC patient safety initiatives.

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