July 2, 2012By Lance Baily

Medical Simulation Corporation Interview

medical sim corp

Medical Simulation Corporation was present at IMSH 2012 demonstrating their line of SimSuite products and services through their mobile simulation lab!  I had a chance to meet with Tara Crockett from MSC to learn more about a company which has been supporting medical simulation for more than a decade!

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SimSuite is Medical Sim Corp’s service-oriented educational program courses provide for a serious range of simulation-based training for a range of applications including:

  • ACLS Recertification, ACLS/BLS Skills Check-Off Courses
  • Acute Myocardial Infarction Course
  • Basic Endovascular Skills Training (BEST) Program
  • Cardiac Cath Lab Orientation Program
  • Carotid Course
  • Central Line Management Skills and Simulation Workshop
  • Complex Patient Management Program, Library One
  • Critical Care Orientation Program
  • Decompensated Heart Failure Simulation Workshop
  • Diagnostic Coronary Angiography Course
  • Door-to-Balloon Time Simulation Workshop
  • ECG Rhythm Recognition Course
  • and many more….

Having a mobile simulation lab show up at your leisure is a brilliant way to get your feet wet with simulation before investing a huge amount of money into a lab, equipment and staff. The Medical Sim Corp website goes on to state: “Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) is the recognized healthcare industry leader in providing full-service simulation training, education, and consulting services to hospital personnel, medical product manufacturers, and medical societies. MSC’s simulation technology and clinical curriculum are combined in a cognitive learning process brought to life by its SimSuite Clinical Educators. Through its network of dedicated hospital-based SimSuite Education Centers and mobile training platforms, MSC can provide customized training services to any location in the U.S. to serve your customers, clinical staff, and employees.”

Visit the Medical Simulation Corporation website to learn more about their products and services.

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