August 13, 2019By Lance Baily

Medical Shipment Now Distributes CAE Healthcare Manikins

Recently Medical Shipment announced another expansion to its line up of distributed clinical simulation based products with the addition of providing manikins from CAE Healthcare. Today we take a look at Medical Shipment’s new learning opportunities for patient simulator based training!

Dan Micic CEO & Founder of Medical Shipment shared with us during the launch that “Medical Shipment is very pleased to announce our partnership with CAE! Our two companies share a passion for providing medical products to the educational sector. We strive to provide our customers with all the resources they need so their students can become the best medical professionals in the world. We are proud to be working with CAE to distribute their leading manikins in the USA, Canada, Caribbean (minus Puerto Rico) and this is our commitment to our customers to give them the best products in the world”.

CAE Healthcare manikins provide lifelike features and responsive physiology, whose patient simulators have helped set the standard for high-fidelity realism, allowing learners to develop critical thinking, communication and clinical skills without risk to real patients. Specific CAE product lines that Medical Shipment will distribute include:

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CAE Juno

Nursing programs are challenged with preparing new nurses for today’s hospital environment and sicker patients, even as access to clinical hours has diminished. Simulation can help fill the gap by delivering consistent training and helping learners to develop critical thinking skills. Introducing CAE Juno, CAE Healthcare’s clinical skills manikin and newest offering for nursing programs. Juno is a modern manikin that was designed to meet educational requirements for clinical nursing skills, from task training through advanced patient care scenarios.

10 pre-configured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) developed by clinical experts that come ready to operate, from skills validation to chronic heart failure exacerbation. An additional seven modules are available to provide consistent learning and allow easy integration of simulation into your nursing curricula

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CAE Ares

CAE Ares is CAE Healthcare’s newest mid-fidelity manikin, designed to fulfill the requirements for Advanced Life Support (ALS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and emergency care team training within academic programs, hospitals, and emergency care services. Ares is portable, lightweight and durable, with the right mix of features for life-saving simulation training. Backed by CAE’s dedicated customer service team and Academy of expert educators, Ares embodies the exceptional quality and support you expect from CAE.

CAE Blue Phantoms

Blue Phantom products have trained hundreds of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals in the techniques for safe ultrasound guided vascular access. Spanning over 140 models, Blue Phantom can help Nursing Simulation and Clinical Simulation programs take their Ultrasound Learning to the next level.

In 2012, CAE Healthcare acquired Blue Phantom to advance the improvement of simulation-based clinical training and the delivery of patient care globally. Today, Blue Phantom is a major producer of the most realistic and durable anatomical task trainers available. Coupled with a commitment to customer service and quality, Blue Phantom is now recognized as a world leader in ultrasound training models.

All Blue Phantom models are made using our patented SimulexUS tissue, which is specifically designed to match the acoustic properties of human tissue. This means that simulationists can use virtually any ultrasound system with a Blue Phantom model and have a realistic ultrasound image.

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