April 23, 2019By Lance Baily

Echo Healthcare’s Innovative MeLiSA Simulator Maintenance Program & More | IMSH 2019 Video Demo

Continuing our IMSH 2019 vendor video interview coverage, today we connect with Kevin King of Echo Healthcare to learn more about their innovative MeLiSA medical simulation maintenance program along with their dynamic range distributed patient simulator, surgical simulator, and audiovisual products. Looking for a way to extend the life cycle of your aging manikin equipment? Then learning about Echo Healthcare is a must — as they offer a unique way to continue running simulators beyond expired warranties, that exists no where else in the industry!

Need manikin parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer? Looking for affordable maintenance plans for your current simulator portfolio, or just on call simulation technical support to bolster up your program’s ability to maintain operability? MeLiSA from Echo Healthcare stands for “Master Level Service Agreement” which offers technical support solutions that fit your exact clinical simulation program needs. Staffed by leading experts in the field, Echo Healthcare provides a unique opportunity for the emerging industry of healthcare simulation.

Jordan Holmes, Interim Director at the Centre for Learning, Innovation and Simulation at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN told us that “MeLiSA provided a way for us to extend the life of our Laerdal SimMan Classic Manikins” and that they have had a “really positive experience so far” with the Echo Healthcare program. “They came on site to do an assessment, secured some out of date parts for the SimMan, and replaced other parts that were prohibiting us from maximizing learner performance.”

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Jordan continued that “our manikin wasn’t detecting chest rise, and the MeLiSA team walked us through how to replace a key part which they supplied for us over the phone with easy to follow instructions”. As the warranties on those products had long since expired, such repairs would no longer void any technical warranties for what Jordan said was “pennies to the dollar in terms of cost savings with MeLiSA”.  Overall he shared that the program enabled “more serviceable life out of already purchased equipment and more confidence that older products will be in service longer.”

Benefits of Working with MeLiSA

  • Simulator Maintenance Program: Echo Healthcare’s holds the only “after market” simulation maintenance program available in the industry. The MeLiSA team is comprised of highly skilled ESR’s (Emergency Simulator Responders) with a broad technical skill set. They desire to act as your advocate with the simulator manufacturers, with the primary goal to keep your program operational.
  • Cost Stabilization: Echo Healthcare believes that it is impossible to anticipate every issue that arises with your technology. Their aim is to provide end to end coverage that stabilizes your annual capital equipment maintenance costs, and provide you unparalleled expert service across those issue gaps.
  • Live Technical Expertise: Echo Healthcare’s team are well-versed in the majority of manikin operating systems, including both hardware and software components across multiple generations. Their goal is to eliminate downtime and keep your simulators in operational condition.

Echo Healthcare Also Distributes Key Simulation Tools

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In the video above we also learn about some of the unique simulation products that Echo Healthcare currently distributes including:

  • Inovus Medical Products: Affordable surgery simulator tools including recently launched Hysteroscopy Simulator bozzini.
  • SMOTS: A/V Recording and Debriefing system used throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Lifecast Vivien: A new mid-fidelity geriatric patient simulator with realistic skin and external anatomy for clinical skills education.
  • Oxford Medical Simulation: VR based simulated clinical patients for learning patient assessment and interventions.

Learn more by visiting the Echo.Healthcare Website Today!

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