January 17, 2014By Lance Baily

SMOTS UK-Based A/V Recording Debriefing Platform

smots mobile

While attending ASPiH 2013, aka the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, in Harrogate England I had a chance to talk with Gordon McLoughlin, Director at Scotia UK about SMOTS – a UK-based A/V Recording and Debriefing company. I was impressed by the companies unique mobile cart platform called the SC737 system, as well as the very small footprint of hardware the product needed to capture up to 24 camera feeds. Watch the video below to learn more about SMOTS and their products.

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*Update: I just received word SMOTS will not be at IMSH this year

SMOTS continues to expand outside of the UK to the EU, the middle east and beyond. While not yet available in the United States – there has been talk of exploring the opportunity. If you are interested in seeing more of SMOTS in the States – be sure to visit their website and let them know it!


Of course, you can learn more at SMOTS.org!

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