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SimGHOSTS SimTech Resource Updates, Mentorship Program & 2019 Events

SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, have shared some great resources since their 2018 meetings in the US and Australia this past summer, including dozens of new recorded sessions from those events, a new mentorship program, and helpful blog posts. With a new book about to be published, 2019 event announcements for the US, Singapore and elsewhere, it’s time to take a quick look at all the latest from the World’s only dedicated non-profit for those utilizing medical simulation technologies.

2019 SimGHOSTS Events

Join hundreds of Simulation Champions from around the world at our annual international hands-on training events! The “Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists” which will be operating its eighth year as a US-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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The 2019 SimGHOSTS events will provide a meeting place for you to exchange ideas and network with technical peers as well as receive specialized training in the utilization of healthcare simulation technologies. You will also have opportunities to meet with simulation-based vendors to engage with the latest in healthcare education technology. Download the Justification document here to help you explain to administrators the great reasons to attend!

SimGHOSTS 2019 United States
Florida International University
Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center
Platinum Sponsored By: Level 3 Healthcare
Miami, Florida
Pre-Symposium: July 30th 2019
Symposium: July 31st – August 2nd, 2019

SimGHOSTS 2019 S3 Singapore
In collaboration with SingHealth and SESAM
Academia, Singapore
October 22-25 2019

The 2019 SimGHOSTS USA event is taking abstract submissions now here.

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Stay tuned for more, as there is rumored to be yet another SimGHOSTS 2019 event in the middle east yet to be announced! Learn more about 2019 Healthcare Simulation Conferences from around the world!

Who Should Attend SimGHOSTS Events?

Anyone responsible for the technical operation of a simulation in healthcare lab including full-time or part-time Sim Techs, or clinical educators tasked with operating the day-to-day of simulation spaces will find our events highly relevant. Other meetings are better suited for clinical educators specifically looking to learn how to teach with medical simulation. As well, anyone evaluating medical-simulation based technology should strongly consider attending as most major industry vendors are encouraged to attend.

Administrators of simulation programs should also consider sending their institution’s AV and IT related staff members who are responsible for supporting the simulation program. In our most recent events, staff from AV and IT departments outside of the healthcare simulation program found immense benefit from participating in SimGHOSTS to better understand the needs of their institution’s simulation program!

SimGHOSTS events provide hands-on training workshops, special pre-symposium courses and podium presentations in:

  • Manikin Programming & Hardware Repair
  • AudioVisual System Design, Integration and Consolidation
  • IT Networking & Debugging Trauma & Suturing
  • Moulage Makeup
  • Video Production & Editing Techniques
  • Team Communication & Leadership
  • Medical Pharmacology for Scenarios
  • Career Development & Staff Management
  • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Much much more!

Expanded Video Session Library

Over 300 recorded hour+ long sessions from previous SimGHOSTS events are immediately available to watch. Topics range from a/v system design to daily utilization increases and from manikin programming to moulage creations. Instantly learn from global experts and leading vendors! The 2018 USA and Australia event recorded sessions are being posted weekly now!

New Mentorship Program

New for 2019, SimGHOSTS are supporting the career development of individuals working in simulation technology-related professions with a mentorship program. The program is designed to support both the mentor and mentee as they establish their relationship, set goals, develop a plan for achieving the goal(s) and then celebrate their successes.

Mentors will have established simulation careers and will receive support and training to develop their own skills in coaching, performance management and leadership. The SimGHOSTS mentorship program is an ideal opportunity for experienced simulation professionals to gain experience in and demonstrate their management skills as preparation for advancement to senior level positions.

Mentees will have been employed (or seeking employment) in a healthcare simulation technology role for less than two years. They will be matched with a mentor and placed in the driver’s seat as they design their mentorship experience to achieve their specific career goals. Learn more on the Sim Tech Mentorship Program page!

Latest SimTech Blog Posts from SimGHOSTS

Check out these awesome recent blog posts from the SimGHOSTS team covering key topics such as How to Find Healthcare Simulator Statistics to 5 Things You Need to Know About Electronic Health Records in Medical Education and more.

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