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Free Online IT Training Courses for Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists

As the job title implies, the role of a Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist (HSTS) relies on the application of technology. Yet, as technology is constantly changing and the need to stay up-to-date on internet technology remains vital, these professionals must rely on quality technology information and training. One resource, Professor Messer’s Free Certification Training Courses, is helping HSTS achieve this and has become a popular study tool for “some of the IT industry’s most popular certifications.” This article explains what this resource entails, and how the IT training courses are applicable to the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist.

Examples of specialized training courses provided by Professor Messer’s Free Certification include those for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+. The resource’s goal is “to provide quality training for the world’s most popular technical certifications.” This is because “the technology industry is demanding people who have a strong technical foundation, and these certifications provide a common starting point for people working toward their initial technology certifications.”

“As I began the planning process for this course, I found that there are very few online sites providing a comprehensive set of technical training resources. While some of these scattered sites are relatively good, other online CompTIA A+ resources provide blatantly incorrect information or have questionable intentions,” wrote Professor Messer on the resource website.

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HSTS should know that the online portion of Professor Messer’s courses is completely free and that there’s no registration required to view any of the videos. In general, nothing to buy as long as users watch online. Both physical and downloadable versions of the courses can be played on a computer, mobile device, or MP3 player. In addition, there are downloadable and high-definition video and written study resources for sale.

Ultimately, professional study materials provide a summary of every important topic. They help learners better understand exam topics faster with text, charts, and graphics. Plus, practice exams have been carefully written to give learners the same feel and structure as the actual exam. Practice examples offer comprehensive coverage with three 90-question practice exams that are multiple-choice and performance-based. All study materials were created by a technology professional.

A+ Course Notes are available immediately as digital PDF downloads. Once payment is authorized, the learner’s training materials will be available for immediate download from a secure area of the website. If they order a Physical Edition book, Professor Messer will also provide the digital PDF version for immediate download. The learner will see options for shipping worldwide during checkout, and most orders are shipped within five to seven business days.

Below is a breakdown of the available IT training courses provided by Professor Messer.

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220-1101 A+

  • Free 220-1101 Core 1 Videos
  • 220-1101 A+ Course Notes
    • Course Notes include summaries of every video, including the text and graphics for each CompTIA exam objective.
  • 220-1101 A+ Practice Exams
    • These high-quality questions and answers provide a feedback loop that helps learners understand why an answer is right, and why other answers might be wrong.
  • Downloadable Core 1 A+ Videos
  • 220-1101 Pop Quizzes
  • 220-1101 Study Group Replays
  • 220-1101 Study Recommendations

220-1102 A+

  • Free 220-1102 Core 2 A+ Videos
  • 220-1102 A+ Course Notes
    • Course Notes consolidate all of my video content into an easy-to-read guide. This includes a comprehensive summary of the 220-1102 A+ exam objectives and the details from my Core 2 training course.
  • 220-1102 A+ Practice Exams
  • Downloadable Core 2 A+ Videos
  • 220-1102 Pop Quizzes
  • 220-1102 Study Group Replays
    • Study Groups are a wealth of questions and answers. The Study Group is an hour of A+ practice questions, and in the After Show Professor Messer addresses questions.
  • 220-1102 Study Recommendations


  • Start Here
  • Free Network+ Videos
  • Network+ Course Notes
  • Downloadable Network+ Videos
  • Network+ Study Group Replays
  • Network+ Study Recommendations


  • Free Security+ Videos
  • Security+ Course Notes
  • Security+ Practice Exams
  • Downloadable Security+ Videos
  • Security+ Study Group Replays
  • Security+ Take Ten Challenges
  • Security+ Study Recommendations

More About Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists

According to Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice, the leading medical simulation book for healthcare professionals starting or expanding their use of emerging methodology to improve learning, training, and patient safety outcomes, the role of Simulation Technology Specialists does not fit into a predefined box by most institutions of higher learning. Further, the HSTS role has been used often to fill many gaps that may exist within a center.

An entry-level HSTS requires a high school diploma or equivalent with a vocational qualification or health professional certification highly regarded. Examples of relevant qualifications and certifications would be as a medical technician, a clinical assistant, a basic life support instructor, or a first responder. An intermediate Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist would be expected to hold a bachelor-level qualification or equivalent combination of qualification and experience. The qualification is preferred to be from the field of IT, AV, or a health profession.

Many programs would accept any field relevant to their program and the specific role to be filled. The most frequently requested certification was as a life support instructor with the majority of programs requesting at least one of the following certifications: basic life support, advanced life support, pediatric advanced life support, or advanced cardiac life support. The only simulation certification requested in recruitment notices was the Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS) offered by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

The technology in a simulation center extends to the highly specialized field of simulation technology. A healthcare simulation technology specialist requires comprehensive knowledge of the installation, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting of patient simulators and manikins. Often the HSTS is the only person with a full understanding of the features and operation of a simulation training tool.

They provide technical support for all simulation operations including preparation, maintenance, and repair of computerized manikins (software and hardware), task trainers, and multimedia peripherals. Responsibilities extend to the maintenance of simulation technology, which involves the cleaning and servicing of equipment in accordance with appropriate procedures or standards, and coordinating the repair of simulation equipment in collaboration with manufacturer technical support.

Access Free Online IT Training Courses for HSTS

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