March 16, 2023By Lance Baily

SimGHOSTS Shares Updates, Upcoming Conference Information

Across the world, healthcare simulation organizations exist to help expand the community and advance the practice of clinical simulation. One such medical simulation organization, SimGHOSTS, seeks to empower users of simulation technology to improve learning and patient care outcomes. In working to achieve this, the organization is constantly expanding offerings and working to ensure that sim techs everywhere have the tools and knowledge to succeed. This article provides updates from the SimGHOSTS organization, as well as important reminders regarding the 2023 SimGHOSTS USA Conference.

IMSH 2023

SimGHOSTS representatives were in attendance at IMSH 2023, and handed out “Sim Long and Prosper” and “Sim makes perfect.” holographic stickers. While at IMSH, SimGHOSTS Board President Ferooz Sekandarpoor had a chance to catch up with SimGHOSTS Founder Lance Baily at the IMSH Press Box for a quick interview on our upcoming conference and free resources.

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The SimGHOSTS 2023 USA event will take place on August 1-4 in Omaha, NE. Leading up to the event SimGHOSTS is challenging participants to discover how to design and deliver impactful simulations. The organization is also encouraging participants to explore new products, technologies, and techniques from community and industry experts, and excel by growing professional expertise to improve healthcare quality and safety through healthcare simulation.

New Executive Director

The SimGHOSTS Board of Directors has appointed Jacqueline McBride to serve as Executive Director. As the Director of Operations, McBride played an essential role in the success of the organization over the past three years. She has implemented efficient systems and processes, resulting in more productive work and a successful SimGHOSTS USA conference in Dallas, Texas in 2022.

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McBride will oversee the organization’s overall operations and strategy in her new role. This includes setting goals and objectives, developing and implementing plans, and ensuring that the SimGHOSTS team is aligned and working towards the same vision. She will also play a key role in cultivating relationships with partners, sponsors, and simulation community members.

Call for Volunteers

SimGHOSTS has put out a call for those interested in becoming more involved with SimGHOSTS but doesn’t know quite how to get started. SimGHOSTS has launched two workings |focus groups that will concentrate on content creation and community engagement. According to the organization, this is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the Board, make an impact in our community, grow and engage professionally, and – of course – have fun!

New SimGHOSTS Learning Hub Videos

“Keeping It All Together: How to Manually Manage Inventory” by Erica Hinojosa and Jacquelyn Donaldson: The College of Nursing and Health Innovation’s Smart Hospital is a large, academic simulation center with over 900 pieces of patient simulators, task trainers, equipment, and supplies. Erica and Jacquelyn discuss and outline their inventory process, identify challenges with managing inventory manually and discuss how other sim centers manage inventory.

“Academic Writing and How to do it” by Dr. Scott Crawford: This video session covers academic writing from abstracts to posters, to textbook chapters, to white papers, to journal articles, and even describes the role of private publications like blogs in demonstrating techniques and sharing knowledge. Dr. Crawford discusses techniques to search and review prior academic writing and how to understand how to submit and respond to reviewers.

“Get Under the Hood for Effective and Efficient Simulation Training” by Gabe Treuhaft, Field Service Engineer, Laerdal Medical: Discover the features and functionalities of the new SimMan 3G PLUS while looking “under the hood” of the SimMan family. In this video session, learn about the components inside simulators; basic care and maintenance to keep your simulator healthy; and learn tips and troubleshooting tricks to keep your simulators up and running. Plus, learn how to change out Nursing Anne Simulator to the new Male Module.

“Beyond “lub-dub” – Understanding Advanced EKG and Cardiac Rhythms for Clinical Practice” by Dr. Gregory Patek: Real-time cardiac monitoring and display during simulated manikin-based activities is an integral component of many simulated scenarios. During this video session, learn about advanced cardiac rhythms, how these play a role in patient assessment and management, and the evolution of these rhythms depending on learner interventions.

“Homegrown Task Trainers to Enhance Deliberate Skills Practice” by Kristen Whipple: This video workshop introduces participants to several homegrown solutions that are low to no cost to produce. Organizations can use these tools in place of high-fidelity simulators to decrease wear and tear and enhance skills training.

Healthcare Simulation Employment Tips

SimGHOSTS recently shared that, “when looking for a position in a competitive job market, it’s critical to stand out from the crowd.” For this reason, the organization’s Career Center provided several tips to help medical simulationists harness the attention of employers. They include:

Create a target sim center list. Find out everything you can about the sim centers and then customize your pitch for each one.

Network. Both online and face-to-face (SG23USA!). Even in informal settings, think about how you can expand your network. Go out to lunch or dinner with friends/colleagues and strike up a conversation about your job search and your target centers. You’ll be surprised by the number of contacts your networks have.

You’ve made it to an interview – be prepared. Be ready to provide specific examples of the results you’ve achieved. Also, have questions ready to ask to make sure the organization is a good fit for you.

Follow-up. Whether it’s after an interview, lunch, or a new introduction, follow up with the person you met and thank the person who made the connection for you.

More About SimGHOSTS

SimGHOSTS, also known as The Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, is an international United States-based non-profit organization. The organization is dedicated to supporting individuals and institutions operating medical simulation technology and spaces through hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development. Healthcare Simulation Webinars and Medical Simulation Courses.

By offering support and resources to medical simulation professionals, SimGHOSTS hopes to create a healthcare education culture where people are empowered to use simulation technology to improve learning and patient care outcomes. For this reason, SimGHOSTS has created six core values, the first of which is to innovate the world of healthcare simulation and patient safety.

Other organizational core values include advocating for those operating healthcare simulation technology spaces, educating the professional community to improve outcomes, and networking with global community members at regional events and online hubs. The last two core values are to engage champions, institutions, and organizations, and zeal for the craft of simulation in healthcare throughout the community and profession.

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