May 23, 2024By Erin Carn Bennett

SimGHOSTS USA Indiana 2024 Accelerate into the Fast Lane

The 2024 SimGHOSTS conference, which focuses on specifically supporting those operating healthcare simulation technologies, will be hosted by IU Health, IU School of Medicine, and IU School of Nursing from 6-9 August 2024. SG24USA will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The SimGHOSTS 2024 conference is an in person event and has been designed to elevate attendees healthcare simulation delivery. SG24USA will provide hands-on workshops, live demonstrations and oral presentations that will be presented by the SimGHOSTS community. SimGHOSTS 2024 is a showcase of best practice and innovation from the international healthcare simulation community.

SimGHOSTS Has So Much To Offer Everyone

SimGHOSTS 2024 is a 3.5-day specialist healthcare simulation event designed to accelerate success in healthcare simulation. A focus on the latest insights in clinical simulation technology and provision of practical advice, tips, tricks, and hacks. SG24USA is the premier platform to stay ahead of the trends and technologies in a healthcare simulation operations career. Don’t miss this transformative opportunity to enhance healthcare simulation technology and operations skills and unlock new possibilities in healthcare simulation.

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SimGHOSTS USA 2024 is anticipated to be a sold out event again this year. Make sure to register a seat and register today! A list of discounted room blocks at hotels will be released for attendees to make the most of deals on offer. On the SimGHOSTS website there are resources available to assist with support to acquire funds to attend SimGHOSTS.

SimGHOSTS 2024 has a joint delivery by: Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University School of Nursing and IU Health, the The Simulation Center at Fairbanks Hall. The mission is to show a replica of the patient clinical care environment. This environment is where health care providers can learn to apply cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills with an interdisciplinary approach to enable depth of learning.The vision for the local clinical simulation center at SG24USA is to instruct and facilitate for learners while objectively measuring a learner’s performance and competency in the clinical healthcare environment.

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The objectives of the SimGHOSTS 2024 Indiana conference is to:

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  • Connect Healthcare Simulation Champions to share best practices
  • Network and build long term industry relationships between both peers and vendors
  • Discuss and develop professional healthcare simulation community needs and standards
  • Support simulation research to improve healthcare education, processes and outcomes
  • Create relationships between disciplines to impact collaboration and mentorship
  • Create simulation based educational programs to assist in maintenance of certification, to improve and enhance the simulation community and to serve as outreach to professional organizations
  • Develop and validate new innovations, skill sets and technologies
  • Ensure high quality customer satisfaction through transparency, communication, efficiency and feedback

The Facility for SimGHOSTS 2024 Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana

Built in 2009, over 30,000 square foot facility with outpatient (Virtual Clinic) and inpatient environments (Virtual Hospital, Acute Care, OR, Ambulance). There is a partnership between The Sim Center is a partnership between IU Health, IU School of Medicine, and IU School of Nursing. There are a number of different types of simulation based education that will be on display throughout the conference such as: task trainers, standardized patients, manikin based simulation and a number of technology based mediums for clinical simulation.

Learner Groups who May be Interested in SG24USA

Undergraduate learner groups that are interested in SimGHOSTS conference include: medical students, nursing students and paramedicine students as well as other disciplines. Graduate groups who regularly attend the SimGHOSTS conference include: medical residents, fellows, nursing students and anesthesia assistants. Healthcare professionals in attendance at SimGHOST conferences include: nurses, physicians, unit secretary, chaplaincy, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, surgical techs, environmental services, medical assistant, patient care assistants, and others. SimGHOSTS is a conference which caters to all health professional disciplines that choose to gather with the shared commonality of healthcare based education through the learning modality of clinical simulation.

Anyone who is involved in the technical operation of a clinical simulation lab, or clinical educators who contribute to the operation of healthcare simulation spaces will take a lot of resources and ideas home from the SimGHOSTS conference. This also includes AV and IT department staff members who are responsible to support the healthcare simulation program.

Healthcare simulation educators, game developers, academics and clinicians who are interested in learning more about how to use different clinical simulation modalities should attend the SimGHOSTS conference. Learn about how to achieve learner outcomes and how to collect data on healthcare simulation activities in order to give feedback to donors and funders of clinical simulation.

Any staff member that is involved in the evaluation of clinical simulation technology for purchase decisions should strongly consider attendance. Many major industry vendors exhibits and/or demonstrations of their product range will occur at the SimGHOSTS conference. There are also opportunities to meet other people in similar highly specialized roles that can network and share experiences to save time, money and effort. This enables SimGHOSTS attendees to take so much back to their clinical simulation departments and work at a higher level with more efficiency.

Pre Conference Workshops that Commence on August 6th

Pre Conference Workshops commence on Tuesday, August 6 and there are pre conference workshops provided with additional fees that apply. Pre conference workshops include:
Basic Moulage Techniques Course (half day in the morning) – $275. This course is provided by: David Shablak, NRP, CHSE, CHSOS-A, Simulation Operations Coordinator, Orbis Education, Co-Founder/Designer, Simulation Tek, Co-host, SimGeeks.

This pre conference workshop is a hands on moulage starter course for both humans and manikins. This course is perfect for attendees who have never tried moulage or have been involved in moulage for a while and seek more experience, tips and tricks.Bruises, cuts, scrapes, and over all sickness makeups will be some of the key lessons learned, as well as some quick and dirty burn techniques for those last minute requests.

In the afternoon of the pre conference workshops on the 6th August on offer is: Advanced Moulage Techniques Course (half day afternoon) $350. Provided by: David Shablak, NRP, CHSE, CHSOS-A, Simulation Operations Coordinator, Orbis Education, Co-Founder/Designer, Simulation Tek Co-host, SimGeeks. The advanced pre conference workshop with moulage is for those participants with moulage fundamental application techniques down and are hungry for more, this course is to push moulage skills further. There is also the opportunity to attend both Moulage|Basic and Advanced Workshops to create a full day of pre conference workshops for a discounted rate of $500.

CHSOS Readiness Review Course, pre conference workshop $350 Limited to 15 spots. This workshop will enable attendees to gain confidence and knowledge required to become a Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS). This pre conference workshop will be led by well known, experienced simulation experts. This one day course provides essential information on pursuing certification. The workshop introduction will focus on exam prerequisites, the application process and the study resources available.

There will also be In Conference Workshops available for participants for additional fees.

Conference workshops and other sessions will be announced as soon as available on the SimGHOSTS website. Await more information and watch closely as this conference is sure to be an incredible experience for all involved in healthcare simulation!

Learn More About and Register for SimGHOSTS 2024!

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