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Watch All #IMSH2023 Healthcare Simulation Industry Press Box Interviews

Each year, healthcare simulation leaders gather at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (#IMSH2023) to showcase their products and innovations, share insights, and network with other simulationists from across the world. To help highlight the work being done throughout the clinical simulationindustry,HealthySimulation.com and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) partnered to host the event’s 2023 Press Box. This year, Press Box interviews include those from several key medical simulation vendors. This HealthySimulation.com provides a comprehensive list of all 2023 Press Box video interviews and shares more information about the participating vendors and organizations.

During each Press Box interview, HealthySimulation.com Founder and CEO asked each interviewee four questions. They include:

  • What is new from your company?
  • What industry trend do you foresee in 2023 that you would want to help to lead?
  • What remote and distance-based learning technologies are you showcasing at the event?
  • What do you believe the healthcare simulation industry needs to do collectively to move the field forward?

The goal was to capture important insights from the top leadership of the organization, exhibiting vendors, and industry leaders. Leadership included key representatives from CAE Healthcare, SimX, Laerdal, Sentinel U, Medical Shipment, Lucid Reality Labs, and SimGHOSTS.

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CAE Healthcare’s President Jeff Evans

Newly appointed CAE Healthcare President Jeff Evans shared with Lance the excitement of learning that IMSH 2023 was the most attended event ever, with over 4,200 attendees announced at the show. Jeff shared how CAE Healthcare showcased the company’s innovative and integrated educational ecosystem featuring patient simulation, ultrasound simulation, digital learning solutions, and simulation center management to enhance insights, increase efficiency, advance learner competence, and increase patient safety. Exploring a holistic learner journey, attendees will have the opportunity to observe how CAE Healthcare products work together to create an integrated ecosystem, including more digital-based learning opportunities. Lance and Jeff shared excitement that CAE Healthcare’s products are really expanding into the digital domain through tools like CAE Maestro and the Maestro Embody virtual patient tools, providing CAE Healthcare customers the opportunity to provide both physical and digital solutions under one banner. Learn more about the latest digital technologies by CAE Healthcare by watching their most recent Healthcare webinar on the HealthySimulation.com CE/CME Webinar platform: Save Time with Digital Clinical Simulation Solutions from CAE Healthcare. Jeff and Lance also discussed in the interview below, the need for exploring federal legislation support, especially with the new introduction of a U.S. House Bill to create a new National Patient Safety Board (NPSB).

Education Management Solutions

Education Management Solutions CEO Matt Merino sat down with Lance to discuss the company’s exciting announcements at IMSH 2023, including the evolution of the company’s open-ended infrastructure, allowing the use of any digital technology which can be incorporated and captured into one seamless management and data recording platform. “This allows us to give our partners the ability to configure whats best for them, so instead of us picking a winner, we say ‘you tell us'”. Lance agreed that “an agnostic approach to technologies such as hardware providers, say such as VR headsets, enables for compatibility regardless of the technology”, which Matt furthered by saying “we can import data from any source because we need a total view for the learner of where they are at in relation to the institution they are in”. When asked about industry trends that EMS wants to be in front of, Matt shared that the company is asking itself “what is education look like for professionals of all different disciplines, so how do we evaluate not only individuals but teams of people, because when clinicians are going through these educational events, we need to do both”. With a background in the U.S. Military Special Operations field, Lance commented that “Matt certainly has the background and experience to know of the importance of working towards better individual and team-based outcomes”. Matt shared that along with that thinking, providing these tools in a way that works as a cloud-based solution, enables for improvement of outcomes in rural healthcare education, which represent 40% of the population “without the big sim centers we see in Urban environments”. Learn more about the new EMS technologies at the upcoming LEARN platform webinar “Leveraging Clinical Simulation Environments for Immersive Life-Long Clinical Learning“.

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North America President Neil Weber spoke with Lance about the big announcements at the Laerdal IMSH 2023 booth, where they were excited to kick off 2023 by sharing new product and service solutions, which included an increase in skin tones for patient manikins, the launch of Laerdal’s first ever VR training tool, and the launch of their new “Laerdal Accelerate” program enabling for on-site simulation services. Neil started by saying “Number one, we’re featuring new product options in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion, a broad range of our nursing and simulator manikins in different representations of race and culture, a very important trend in the industry that we are very proud to be a part of”. Lance agreed and was also very excited to learn more from Neil about the new Laerdal Accelerate program, wherein Laerdal will handle every aspect of a simulation training experience by providing custom-tailored training services on-location — an industry first from a major international group. Neil reminded Lance that “it’s all about quality improvement, and as the saying goes, you can’t improve without data” suggesting that after the training completes, “we provide you with the data that was generated from the training activity and that data basically will show you how you compare to different benchmarks, whether you supply the benchmarks our whether we supply some standard benchmarks that we’ve collected”. Neil also shared with Lance about the launch of Laerdal’s new Virtual Reality solution, which will provide the perfect medium to practice scenarios more challenging to accomplish with traditional manikins, such as prioritization of care for new nurses.  Stay tuned for more on these topics in upcoming articles and webinars focusing on Laerdal in the months to come on HealthySimulation.com!


SimX is a healthcare software company specializing in medical simulation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and medical training and education. Founder/CEO Ryan Ribeira, CEO, shared more about the massive library of virtual reality scenarios SimX announced at IMSH 2023. Featuring over 250 clinician-created simulated patient encounters, the SimX Marketplace is easy to search by specialty, profession, or setting. The SimX Marketplace showcases simulated patient encounters built in collaboration with top institutions like Air Methods, UPenn, NYU, and the Department of Defense. He also spoke about the fact that the SimX company was built by clinicians such as himself, the improvement of VR headset technology to reduce nausea, and the need for advocacy of healthcare simulation to the government. Ryan shared that “being cloud-based” enables them to help train for Interprofessional Education (IPE) opportunities because participants don’t even have to be in the same room, let alone the same country! Finally, Dr. Ribeira spoke to the need for collaboration within the industry, to “increase communication between industry and academia” especially when existing within an industry that is “rapidly advancing new technologies”. He continued that “one of the things I’m excited about over the next year is SSH working with the corporate round table to hold a future of simulation technology summit and increasing this much-needed collaboration through advocacy work”. Watch the most recent SimX CE webinar on the HealthySimulation.com CE/CME LEARN platform “Is VR the Future of Nurse Education and Training? A Panel Review” to learn more!

Medical Shipment

Lance interviewed Medical Shipment Founder/CEO Dan Micic to learn more about the company which provides medical supplies for educational purposes, as well as actual medical devices such as the BD Pyxis MedStation for realistic medical device training in simulation centers across the United States. Dan shared a new trend they were excited to be supporting more was the expansion of clinical simulation into high schools and vocational schools, Medical Shipment has started to provide simulation supplies to help learners get a feel for healthcare before they start their undergraduate degree programs. Dan shared that what started over 10 years ago with a shipment of 90 cases of gloves to Medline has quickly become a multimillion-dollar annual business that has been named in the Inc. 5000 list for 3 years in a row! Starting with a focus on Nursing, Medical Shipment now provides medical supplies, specialized instructional medical devices, and simulation-based products and services to healthcare educational institutions around the world. Learn more about the Pyxis from the latest Medical Shipment webinar on the HealthySimulation.com LEARN CE/CME platform “Simulating Medication Administration with a Real Pyxis MedStation“.

Sentinel U

Lance was honored to also interview Sentinel U’s VP of Clinical Learning and INACSL President Dr. Laura Gonzalez, who spoke about the important work done at IMSH 2023 at the Research Summit. Laura shared “we need more homogenous research so we can really take a good look at what we’re doing in clinical simulation, so we started the Sentinel U Nursing Research grant.  We need to be establishing those learning outcomes so that educators could use these learning tools in their classrooms and can then prove my students gained from it”. Laura continued that “in the last CE webinar we did, “Improving Associate Degree Nursing Outcomes with Virtual Simulation,” we covered how that area is a unique demographic, which has limited educational time. So to be able to have that flexibility to do that just-in-time learning, and getting that immediate feedback, getting those activity reports where they can reflect on them and then coming together to do a synchronous debrief, that is a new paradigm. And I think we are going to need to be supporting it, leaning into it, as this will soon become a new expectation of learning. Sentinel U, formerly Healthcare Learning Innovations, is an e-learning company that works to meet the evolving needs of healthcare education and training by providing simulation-based technologies and virtual learning tools.

Lucid Reality Labs

At the show, Lance also interviewed Ukrainian-based Lucid Reality Labs CEO Alex Dzyuba about the Virtual Reality company which has specialized in creating VR training for Medical Devices. Alex shared that “Lucid Reality Labs” is developing immersive technology solutions, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality for healthcare providers and MedTech companies. We believe that it’s very important for MedTech companies to develop these solutions because they build really complex machines and equipment which must always be trained by hospital staff. Such VR training on these medical device tools can directly affect on patient outcomes and patient safety, right? So we develop interactive immersive technologies to train for Medtronic Video Laryngoscopy in the operating room for example, which Lance shared looked like “extremely realistic environments, some of these best” he has seen in VR. Alex shared that Lucid Reality Labs has been working with Medtronic as a strategic partner since 2018, focusing on building realistic VR training opportunities for multiple medical devices used in actual patient care. Watch Lucid Reality Labs’ recent webinar on the HealthySimulation.com LEARN platform “How VR Can Support the Education of a Medical Device, Exampling Medtronic’s Video Laryngoscopy Intubation“.


The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) non-profit President Ferooz Sekandarpoor sat down with Lance to share more about the organization’s latest work around the world. Lance felt it was important to remind the audience during the interview that “full disclosure, I was the one who founded this organization back in 2010 to help support the emerging technician field”. Ferooz thanked Lance for creating the organization, citing that the non-profit has continued to grow since that time, with a mission to promote individuals and institutions that use patient simulators.” Ferooz continued that the group has continued to support the international community with events planned in the Middle East, Australia, the United States, Asia Europe, and South America sharing that these events are a place “to exchange ideas, knowledge and hands-on training with each other in simulation technology operations”. Ferooz shared about the August USA event at the UNMC iExcel program, and to look for upcoming events in Argentina — but in the meantime that the SimGHOSTS.org website is full of online content and courses to help new simulation technicians (or clinical educators using simulation technologies) to get started now.

More About IMSH

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is a scientific conference that explores the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare simulation. IMSH provides the tools and resources healthcare professionals need to advance their skills, impact change in delivery systems and practice, and, ultimately, improve patient safety.

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Plan ahead: IMSH 2024 will be held from January 20 to January 24, 2024 in San Diego, California.

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